Paramo Cambia Micro Shorts Womens Black

Paramo Cambia Micro Shorts Womens Black


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Cambia Micro Shorts are for active outdoor people who do energetic activities.

If you participate in high energy activities such as cycling, running, climbing or mountain walking, you need to manage the sweat you produce to stay dry and comfortable. Damp underwear, especially cotton, is clingy and restrictive, and will make you feel cold when you stop moving.

The fast-wicking, directional Parameta T+ fabric rapidly transports moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable. The micro shorts’ design and construction makes them easy to move in without restriction.

Cambia Micro Shorts have flat seams and stretch for comfort
•Freedom of movement provided by a contoured, yet stretchy design.
•Flat seams prevent rubbing and irritation during exercise.

Parameta® T+’s fast wicking gives it exceptional comfort for underwear.

Parameta T+ FabricIt is a rapid-drying, directional fabric that spreads moisture laterally to speed up evaporation of perspiration.

The textured, open face fabric surface is worn next to your skin, directing water away so you feel dry, but still evaporating excess water effectively.

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