Paramo Cambia Neck Tube Fuschia/Rock

Paramo Cambia Neck Tube Fuschia/Rock


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The Neck Tube is for people who enjoy outdoor activities in all weathers.
In cold or windy conditions, it can be very uncomfortable to have an exposed neck, while in warmer weather excess sweat can cause irritation and annoyance.

The Neck Tube provides insulation while moving water away from the skin, leaving your neck feeling warm and dry. It can be worn in a number of different ways, making this a versatile low bulk piece of kit.

The Neck Tube is a versatile item that can always be on hand when in the outdoors.
Water is directed away from your skin by the fabric’s honeycomb properties.
Multiple ways to wear due to the stretchy fabric and tubular construction.
Comfortable fabric that will not irritate or chafe, even when wet.

Parameta T+ is fast wicking and provides exceptional comfort.
Parameta T+ FabricIt is a rapid-drying, directional fabric that spreads moisture laterally to speed up evaporation of perspiration.

The textured, open face fabric surface is worn next to your skin, directing water away so you feel dry, but still evaporating excess water effectively.

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