Paramo Cambia Zip Neck Top Womens Black

Paramo Cambia Zip Neck Top Womens Black
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The Women's Cambia Zip Neck Long Sleeve top from Paramo is all about staying warm and keeping cool. If you are working hard then you want clothing that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. When you are cool you want clothing that will keep you warm. When you are in sunny conditions, you want clothing that has UV protection. The women's Cambia is made using Paramo's Parameta T+ reversable fabric which does ALL of the above. Because it's reversable you can wear this top two ways. One way to keep cool, and the other to keep warm. For more information about the Paramo Cambia Zip Neck Long Sleeved Top, please call one of our expert staff on 01225 764977.

Weight 180g

Colour Black

UV Protection SPF 25+
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