Paramo Grid Neckwarmer Moss

Paramo Grid Neckwarmer Moss
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The Páramo Neckwarmer is for those who enjoy outdoor activities in all weathers.
In cold or windy weather, it can be very uncomfortable to have an exposed area between collar and hood or hat. The challenge is to find a neckwarmer that will keep you comfortable in a wide range of conditions.

The Neckwarmer’s Parameta G fabric makes it protective, warm, fast wicking and quick drying. It is easy to stuff in a pocket or pack.

The Neckwarmer offers
Warmth with excellent wicking and directional movement of moisture away from you.
Light stretch for a comfortable close fit.

Parameta® G fabric is two fabrics in one, providing cooling when needed and insulation when needed.
Parameta G FabricWhen covered with a wind-proof the fleecy grid squares trap air and provide excellent insulation. When uncovered the gaps between the grid allow moving air to go straight to the skin, promoting cooling. The structure of this next-to-the-skin fabric optimises lateral water movement for evaporative cooling, keeping you comfortable when you are working hard.

These features provide a fabric which can keep you warm and keep you cool, and therefore is useful in the widest range of temperature conditions and activities, from high mountain climbing to gentle spring and summer walking, and all year round cycling.

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