Paramo Helki Jacket Mens Colbalt

Paramo Helki Jacket Mens Colbalt
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The Paramo Helki Jacket is designed for everyday walking, where staying dry inside and out is key. Simplistic in it's design, the Helki is reinforced on the shoulders to offer extra protection when wearing a rucksack. The Helki has two warm, hand pockets and an easy to access map pocket. 

The men's Helki is 100% waterproof thanks to it's Nikwax Analogy Waterproof Fabric. The technology is not just waterproof either. Standard waterproof jackets remove 20% of moisture caused by sweat - that's 80% remaining. With Analogy, 80% of the moisture is removed. That is breathability at it's best. 

For more information on the Paramo Helki Jacket, please call one of our expert staff on 01225 764977.

Weight 693g

Colour Colbalt
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