Al fresco cooking with family and friends: The Campingaz 360 grill

One of the joys of warm weather, particularly in Blighty where the weather gods conspire against us, is the opportunity to cook and eat outdoors. Whether this is on holiday or at home, getting together with family and friends to cook up a feast and enjoy the fresh air is what British summers are all about.

When we think of cooking outside, we automatically think of barbecues. Stereotypical tales bring to mind the hunter-gatherer male with barbecue utensils in one hand and a drink in the other claiming to be the one doing the hard work (when in fact family members are run ragged ferrying food, condiments and lovingly prepared salad and side dishes). This is all very lovely, but said hunter-gatherer male and ferrying family are all doing different jobs away from each other. It’s only once everyone sits down that the socialising really begins.

The Campingaz 360 Grill CV

Campingaz have come up with the perfect solution to this division of labour. New for 2022, they have brought us the Campingaz 360 Grill CV, the first table-top style gas grill with a flat design and 360° access. This means it can be placed in the middle of a table where everyone can reach it to cook their own food, or someone can be responsible for the cooking but still socialise while they do it. This allows for a truly integrated, social experience that gets everyone involved in the cooking.

What’s more, the Campingaz 360 Grill CV looks great too. The sleek copper finish and compact profile makes it the perfect table centrepiece when entertaining or having fun with the family.

Features of the Campingaz 360 Grill CV

As well as the 360° design and beautiful finish, the Campingaz 360 Grill CV has plenty of other fantastic features that make it the perfect party grill.
  • Versatile al fresco cooking – The Campingaz 360 Grill CV offers extensive grilling and cooking options thanks to its ribbed griddle, flat plancha and pan support.
  • Water bath system – We all hate cleaning after a barbecue or when using an outdoor grill. Campingaz have tackled this problem in the Campingaz 360 Grill with a cleaning solution that puts the competition out in the cold.
The water bath system allows for easy cleaning by filling the bowl underneath the griddle with cold water where the fat drips through and solidifies. When the party is over you simply empty the solidified fat with the water and wipe away any remaining dirt. Many parts of the Campingaz 360 Grill are also dishwasher safe to make it even easier to clean.
  • Campingaz CV470 disposable cartridges – The Campingaz 360 Grill uses Campingaz CV470 gas cartridges. These disposable cartridges are attached easily through the Easy Clic Plus connection system which also ensures their safe removal for storage.
Gas consumption for the Campingaz 360 Grill is 175 g/h, giving a usage and run time on the CV470 cartridges of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The Campingaz 360 Grill comes with a clamp to attach the gas cartridge to the table edge to avoid cluttering the dining table with the cartridge and its outlet.
  • Excellent heat distribution – The durable aluminium die-cast reversable ribbed griddle with non-stick coating receives even heat distribution from the 360 ring burner. The instant push and turn ignition facilitates convenient cooking without any challenges. The average temperature the grill provides is 300°C.
  • Cooking dimensions – 30cm
  • Power – 2400W
  • Light and compact – At just 5.1kg, the pre-assembled Campingaz 360 Grill is easy to transport to house parties or to take on holiday. Its 35 x 35 x 16cm dimensions also allow for easy storage.
  • Carry and storage bag: The Campingaz 360 Grill comes with a polyester carry and storage bag.

Who are Campingaz?

At BCH Camping we enjoy working with the most reputable brands in the camping equipment arena. Campingaz is no exception. The Campingaz brand was born out of a family camping trip in 1949 when three engineers, Gabriel Corlet, André Colomb and René Sillon noticed there was a lack of portable cooking equipment on the market. They developed the ‘bidon bleu’ small, blue, portable and refillable gas cylinder.

By 1952 Campingaz were developing stoves and other affordable equipment that enabled more people to enjoy the outdoors. In 1994 Campingaz was one of the European pioneers of gas-powered barbecues, influencing more al fresco cooking and eating in gardens across the continent.

Campingaz have since become renowned for authentic, outdoor cooking both at home and away.

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