Plug ins and Coils

      Buy plug in mosquito killer, refills and mosquito coils online from BCH Camping.
      No matter how careful you are on holiday, or when traveling in a tropical area, mosquitos can always seem to find a way into your room. plug in mosquito killers certainly help. Simply push the Plug into your room's electrical socket and the unit will do the rest. Each unit comes with 40 tablets (enough for 40 nights) and refill mosquito plug in tablets are available should you require them. BCH Camping stocks plug in insect repellent from trusted brands such as Lifesystems.
      Mosquito Coils - outdoor repellents
      if it's an outside area you are looking to make safe from annoying insects and mosquitos, then Lifesystems mosquito coils may be the answer. The coils give off  light smoke and scent that keeps the mosquitos away. It is not advised that you use mosquito coils in confined spaces or indoors. Each pack contains 10 coils and each coil offers 12 hours of protection. 

      We also stock a range of mosquito nets and insect repellents. Please ask in store (Trowbridge andBath) call 01225 764977 or Contact Us for more details. 
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