Harnesses and Helmets

      If you enjoy climbing and would like to advance onto longer climbs or move from bouldering to climbing on a wall, the first investment into your own kit should always be a harness, and a helmet for outdoor climbing. The security and comfort of your own climbing harness or helmet is unrivalled, and will give you the confidence to take more risks, and climb higher, for longer.
      We have harnesses and climbing helmets from brands such as Grivel and Petzl.  If you have hired climbing equipment before you will probably have a good idea of what you would like or do not like! There are a variety of climbing harnesses available, our Petzl range is excellent and used by individuals, outdoor centres and in industrial applications alike, making it a universal, trusted favourite.
      The main thing to look for when buying a climbing harness is a good fit. You are likely to have all your body weight held in it for varying lengths of time and often have to counteract the bodyweight of another person if you start belaying as well.  For the more technical user the style and placement of gear loops on the harness will also be a factor when making a purchase.
      Most climbing harnesses now have self-locking buckles which mean it is easier to adjust to get in and out of and you do not have to complete an additional action to secure the harness leg loops and waist belt.  Some harnesses, such as the Petzl Corax, have twin adjustment buckles on the waist belt which allow a great deal of flexibility when fitting. If you purchase a single buckle waist belt climbing harness please try it on for size and fit, there are a wider range of sizes normally available in this range.
      In regard to helmets, the fit is just as important as with harnesses; we have a variety of climbing helmets available, varying in size, price and specification. The position and type of adjustment system in the helmet varies with different brands, so it’s important to find one suitable for you, some versions have twin harness adjustment to give a very fine range of adjustment. If you’re going to be the only person using the climbing helmet, make sure you feel comfortable in it, and that it does not move around on you head too much.

      You will no doubt have your head in a variety of positions when you climb, so you want the helmet to be comfortable and give you a good range of vision but it is designed to protect you in the event of a fall, or if something is dropped from above, so make sure it’s protective as well.
       Talk to one of our staff to find out what equipment would be best suited for your needs, Tel:- 01249 661501. Or why not call into one of our two great stores in Trowbridge and Bath and try on the perfect climbing harness or helmet for you. Contact us here for more details.
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