Sleeping Bag Liners

      Buy the best sleeping bag liners online and in store from BCH Camping UK.
      BCH stocks quality sleeping bag liners from Snugpak and Rab.
      Sleeping bag liners come in all shapes and forms and can be used as the name suggests IE inside your sleeping bag, or as a bag in its own right, making sleeping bag liners ideal for hotter, more humid climates.
      Mummy sleeping bag liners are liners that are shaped to fit specifically into your mummy shaped bag.
      Rectangular sleeping bag liners are ideal for use as a liner, or as a lightweight bag in hot climates.
      Hotelier sleeping bag liners are rectangular in shape, but have a hood in the top of them which you can put a pillow into.
      Silk liners will pack up smaller and weigh much less, whereas cotton liners are slightly bigger and weigh more. It is worth bearing in mind that silk is a lot more expensive than cotton, but if you are going on a trip where every once counts, then it will be a silk sleeping bag liner every time. 

      BCH also stocks an extensive range of travel sleeping bags.
      Please ask in store (Trowbridge andBath) call 01225 764977 or Contact Us for more details.