Despite being the less glamorous side of camping and caravanning, making sure that you have a reliable camping toilet and the required chemicals is fundamental. 

      Whether you want a basic “bucket and seat” like the Kampa Khazi, to save those middle of the night trips to the toilet block. Or a fully functioning, flushing portable loo with a safe to empty holding tank, such as Thetford’s range of Porta Potties.

      We stock all the chemicals and treatments you will need to keep your toilets safe and sanitary when on your adventures, from brands like Thetford and Elson. We also sell biodegradable toilet tissue so you can stay clean and environmentally friendly wherever you go. 

      For more information on our camping toilets and toilet chemicals, click here to get in touch, call 01225 764977 or pop into one of our three great stores to have a chat with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

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