Insect Repellant

      Insect Repellants
      Buy insect repellants and mosquito repellent online and in store from BCH Camping UK.
      An essential travel accessory for world travel, repellents are essential for preventing insect bites particularly mosquitos bites. We stock the best insect repellent choices in handy travel sizes.
      Lifesystems insect repellant has sprays in 50ml and 100ml bottles. Lifesystems repellants are made using a chemical called Deet. We sell either 50% Deet repellant and 100% Deet repellant. The difference is that whilst the 100% Deet is much stronger and probably only needs to be used once a day, it has been known to irritate sensitive skin, or those people with skin problems. 50% Deet will need to be applied more often, but because it has half of the Deet it makes it much kinder on the skin. 50% Deet is our biggest seller, but we have lots of customers who use 100% Deet and never have a problem with it.
      Lifesystems Bite Relief Click.
      We are all familiar with the itch you get after being bitten, the bite relief click help reduce that itch, and helps prevent infection from irritated or infected bites. Simply click on top of the insect bite with the Bite Relief Click and a tiny electric shock takes the itch away.
      Tick Removers
      Buy Tick tweezers from BCH Camping. Ticks are becoming more and more of  problem in the UK and the key is too remove them safely and quickly. These tick remover tweezers are designed to do just that.
      We also stock a range of mosquito netsplug-ins and coils. Please ask in store (Trowbridge and Bath) call 01225 764977 or Contact Us for more details.