Water Purification

      Buy water purification tablets and bottles online from BCH Camping. Buy water purification tablets and bottles from suppliers such as Lifesystems and Water to go! Buy Chlorine tablets online, perfect for Ten Tors or D of E awards, or for use in the UK and Europe. For further a field, such as Africa, India etc Chlorine Dioxide is the one to go for. Each tablet will purify one litre of water. Buy the Water To Go! 50cl bottle for complete piece of mind. The 3 in 1 filter kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and chlorine and removes metals such as Lead. The bottle comes with a handy indicator, showing you when your filter needs changing. Each filter will last for about two months, or 130 litres of purified water. The Water to go 75cl water filtration system is slightly bigger and each filter will give you three months or 200 litres of water purification. Replacement filters are available in store and online from BCH Camping. Please note, will not work on salt water.
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