Mosquito Nets

      Buy Mosquito nets online from BCH Camping UK. Buy mosquito nets from suppliers such as Lifesystems. Buy single mosquito nets and double mosquito nets. Buy Mosquito headnets and bed bug sheets online. All our mosquito nets are treated with Permethrin. This is the chemical that will keep the mozzies at a safe distance. We have single mosquito nets, designed to fit over a single bed and double nets designed to fit over a double sized mattress. The Mosquito nets are attached buy a single hanging point. It is advised that you do not sleep with any part of your body touching the net. The mosquito will not be able to get through the netting, but will still be able to bite you through the net if it's resting against you. A bed bug sheet is a must if you are travelling the more remote parts of the world and staying in hostels. Simply put the sheet over the mattress and keep all the bed bugs and creepy crawleys inside, rather than roaming over you during the night.