Rucksack Covers & Liners

      Buy rucksack liners and covers online from BCH Camping UK. Buy rucksack liners and covers from brands such as Lowe Alpine, Outdoor Designs, snugpak and Exped. Buy Ultralite Rucksack liners from Lowe Alpine in various sizes from 10 litres all the way to 90 litres. Buy Lowe Alpine baggage handlers to store you rucksack in, protecting it from airport transit. Rucksack liners are 100% waterproof, so are ideal for putting inside of your bag to keep your clothes and equipment dry. You can buy them in various sizes depending on the size of rucksack you have. Whilst most rucksacks come with a cover, they will not keep out a really heavy storm. At BCH Camping  we recommend that a rucksack liner is essential. Buy snugpak, hi viz rucksack covers from BCH Camping available in 25, 35, 45 and 70 litre sizes. Simply stretch over the front of your rucksack to give added protection from the rain.
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