Ropes & Slings

      At BCH we offer climbing ropes and slings that come in all lengths and diameters; the exact requirements for you will depend on various factors, for example, many people enjoy starting their experience on an indoor climbing wall, if you do the majority of your climbing indoors you may well choose a slightly shorter rope than one commonly used outdoors.

      The rope’s diameter will give you a choice of pliability (how easy it is to tie knots), durability, weight, impact force and strength. As technology develops, climbers are able to use ropes and slings with a smaller diameter because manufacturing techniques such as dry treatment are being used more to increase strength, durability and life span.

      The main deciding factors of choosing a new rope will be budget, and main usage; so why not come down to one of our stores to speak to our expert staff and find out more. Tel:- 01225 764977, or click here to get in touch with us, and we can find the perfect climbing ropes and slings for your climbing style and budget.