Sleeping Mats and Accessories


      How you slept last night, affects everything about today. So why compromise? 

      Whether it’s in a tent, a caravan, or under the stars, there’s no greater comfort than a great place to rest your head after a long day of hiking, playing, exploring, or all of the above! At BCH we offer a full range, from lightweight roll up sleeping mats, for those limited by budget and weight; right through to incredibly comfortable, lightweight, self inflating Thermarest mats. 

      Self inflating sleeping mats are the modern day travellers best friend. More comfortable and supportive than foam mats, while taking up less than half the space. Simply undo the valve on the mat and a vacuum is created, filling it with air.

      We have a great range from great brands such as Thermarest, Vango and Highlander. To see our full range and learn more about our sleeping mats, pop into one of our three great stores, contact us here  or give us a call on 01225 764977.