Al fresco dining made easy with the Vango Granite Duo 120 Table

Whether it’s on camping trips or in your garden, there is something about al fresco dining that transports us Brits to sunnier climes, even if we are dodging unpredictable showers and bolting down anything that might be lost in a gust of wind!

Vango know all about the benefits of the social experience of al fresco dining and socialising outdoors. Since the 1960s they have been designing and producing products that make outdoor living easier. These include camping chairs, cutlery sets, camp beds and gas stoves.

BCH Camping stock and supply quality products from the best brands in the camping industry. Vango is one such brand that we are always happy to recommend, knowing that a great customer experience is guaranteed. The products aren’t flashy; they are well designed, practical, durable and satisfy a need.

When it comes to al fresco dining, the Vango Granite Duo 120 table hits the spot.

The Vango Granite Duo 120 Table

The Vango Granite Duo 120 table is a gem. For families and friends, it provides a sturdy platform for eating, drinking, playing games or prepping food. We’d even dare to suggest that it would work well as that extra table for non-resident Christmas dinner guests!

Let’s find out more.

Modern design

Vango understand that camping furniture pieces are becoming more like replicas of furniture in the home, so design matters. The Vango Granite Duo 120 table has been given a modern granite-effect design that makes it an attractive piece of furniture for whatever purpose it is used.


The Vango Granite Duo 120 table has a foldable design with a carry handle for easy transportation when packed down. When not being used it takes up little storage space. The legs can be removed and securely stowed under the table top so no parts are lost.


Weighing just 5.82kg, the Vango Granite Duo 120 table can be effortlessly lifted into place and carried once folded, using the carry handle.


Despite its lightweight aluminium frame, the Vango Granite Duo 120 table is very strong and sturdy. It can withstand a load of up to 30kg.

The table also has adjustable feet to withstand uneven ground without compromising its stability.

Adjustable legs

The adjustable legs of the Vango Granite Duo 120 table make this a truly versatile product. It can be used either at its full 71cm height as a dining table, or lower as a coffee table. This provides many opportunities for its use, making it great value for money.

Easy clean

The durable tabletop surface is easy to clean, making it an attractive product time after time.

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