Be Prepared with the Best Accessories: The Montane Mantle Glove

When it comes to considering the necessaries for a hike during the colder months, appropriate boots, a quality jacket, suitable walking trousers, a base layer and a warm fleece top are probably top of the list. This all makes sense, and BCH Camping can help with all of these. But, what about the accessories that provide the icing on the cake to make the hike a more enjoyable experience?
An important accessory for walking and hiking is a pair of gloves. Your choice of gloves will depend, primarily, on the weather but other factors will also influence your selection:
  • If the weather is changeable you might want to wear or carry some thin liner gloves to change from and to, in the same way as you would layer your torso clothing
  • Your decision to wear gloves may be because you use walking poles, and you want to avoid having blisters on your hands
  • If the walk includes scrambling, you will need gloves that fit snugly enough to allow you to grip the rock.
Ultimately, though, your gloves need to protect you from the weather, allowing you to carry on the walk without cold or wet fingers, which can be incredibly painful when up against windy conditions and freezing temperatures.

How to choose the best gloves for your hike

A list of things to consider when choosing your gloves:
  • For rainy or changeable conditions, you will need gloves that are fully waterproof, not just water-resistant, and offer sufficient protection in cold winds
  • If conditions are dry but particularly cold, gloves lined with an insulation system will keep your hands comfortably warm. For extra warmth, mitten-style gloves provide added body heat preservation as the fingers are bunched together, but a mitten style doesn’t appeal to everyone
  • Do you use your touch phone when walking to take photographs? If so, you may want to consider a pair that have a touchscreen compatible pad on the index finger
  • In cold, but less challenging conditions you may want to wear glove liners rather than a heavier pair of gloves that could make your hands sweat. Glove liners will also help you avoid the blisters mentioned earlier that can be caused by using walking poles
  • To keep the rain out and warmth in, look for gloves with cuffs that can be adjusted using Velcro or toggles.

How to make sure your gloves are a good fit

Don’t assume that the size of gloves from one manufacturer will match that of another. Also be aware that not all gloves are gender-specific, there is a wide range of unisex gloves available.
You should make sure that your gloves feel roomy, but without too much space between the fingertips and the glove. Also make sure that the cuff is not restrictive, you shouldn’t feel any tightness when you make a fist or rotate your hand.

The Montane Mantle Waterproof Glove

In this blog we are featuring the Montane Mantle Glove, the glove that packs a punch, if you’ll excuse the pun! This is a tough climb and mountaineering glove that offers warmth and full weather protection. The Montane Mantle is also ideal for sports such as cycling due to being windproof and adjustable.

Features of the Montane Mantle glove

At a glance, the main features you need to be aware of for this glove, is that it is 100% waterproof, tough, and has a zoned out construction, synthetic insulation and pile lining. But there’s more to it than that.
  • Insulation: HYPERLOFT insulation provides an impressive level of warmth
  • Breathable: The FREEFLOW Mantle inner lining is highly breathable and waterproof
  • Zoned panels: Made of 500 Denier nylon and GRANITE STRETCH softshell, the zoned panels create a tough, but flexible outer
  • Microfleece lining: Lightweight insulation is provided by the soft brushed microfleece lining on the back of the hand. Moreover, the insulation dries incredibly quickly and offers a soft, comfortable touch
  • DRYACTIV 2000 pile palm lining
  • Comfortable fit: Pre-curved fingers and thumb creates an enhanced fit, offering greater dexterity
  • Elasticated wrist: Offers a close fit
  • Cuff adjustment: The cuff adjuster is easily released and tightened when required
  • Long gauntlet cuff: Prevents heat loss
  • Weight: 152g
  • Storage: The carabiner (coupling link) loop is used for storage when not being used.
Let’s break down some of the technical terms:
HYPERLOFT insulation: Provides the highest warmth-to-weight ratio insulation.
FREEFLOW Mantle inner lining: Microporous PU insert, waterproof to a minimum of 10,000mm hydrostatic head, with a minimum moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR) of 10,000g/m² per 24hrs.
GRANITE STRETCH: Lightweight GRANITE STRETCH fabric allows for dynamic movement for any activity. It offers a balance of weather protection and breathability.
DRYACTIVE 2000: Beds down to the shape of your hand and wicks sweat away, keeping your hands dry and comfortable.
The Montane Mantle waterproof glove is a great all-rounder and favourite of BCH Camping customers. It provides all the protection and versatility necessary to allow you to focus on having a great hiking experience.
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