Benefiting from solar power while camping: Powapacs 150W Solar


Despite campers’ best intentions of getting away from it all and living off-grid as much as possible while on holiday, modern lifestyles often make this more difficult than anticipated. 

The need for basic communication with people at home, access to instant entertainment and general connectivity for a plethora of devices, all put a huge technological fly in the ointment when it comes to living electricity-free.

At BCH Camping, we know that while some of our customers use camping without electricity as an opportunity to enjoy the peace and freedom of being offline, others will automatically opt for campsite pitches with an electric hook-up to ensure that all their needs are covered.  

And what about campers in motorhomes? They have their 12v DC leisure battery to provide electricity to the likes of the lights, water pump, heating and fridge, but they need to keep that battery topped up to maintain its efficiency and maximise its lifespan.

Camping using solar power

Let’s consider the scenario of having no electric hook-up and enjoying the freedom of camping wherever you like (legally of course!), while still having access to electricity. The solution that many campers are now turning to, to facilitate this lifestyle is solar power.

There are many benefits to camping using solar power:

  • The solar power you generate while camping is completely free
  • You no longer have to pay site electricity hook-up fees
  • Solar power generates green energy which has less impact on the environment
  • Using solar power gives you great flexibility in deciding where to camp
  • There doesn’t need to be blazing sunshine for the solar panels to generate electricity

The Powapacs 150W Solar Panel

At BCH Camping we pride ourselves on stocking high quality products from leading brands. Powapacs is a reputable trailblazer in portable battery solutions, supplying their innovative products to many different industries, including outdoor recreation, construction and the emergency services. Powapacs specialise in developing and manufacturing high-quality battery technologies that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, including portable solar panels.

The Powapacs 150W Solar Panel is an ultra-light, flexible solar panel that is extensively used by campers and motorhome owners to generate their own electricity. It is 34% smaller and lighter than other 150W solar panels, weighing just 5kg. 

Powapacs have given the 150W solar panel an innovative folding design that allows for easy transportation at a folded size of just 76.5 x 41.5 x 2.5cm. The flexible design and integrated deployment legs make it easy to achieve the perfect positioning to catch the sun’s rays and efficiently convert them into electricity. 

The Powapacs 150W solar panel is made with ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) material. ETFE is extremely durable and weather resistant, and widely considered to be better quality than other solar materials such as PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). This is because EFTE lasts longer and offers high water, UV and chemical resistance over a wide range of temperatures. 

Importantly, the Powapacs 150W solar panel solar energy conversion rate reaches +24%. Most commercial panels have efficiencies from 15% to 20%, so the Powapacs 150W solar panel offers an impressive conversion of solar energy into electricity.

Overall, campers and motorhome owners can use this 150W solar panel knowing that they can rely on Powapacs’ attention to detail in manufacturing products with excellent durability that are waterproof and dustproof. 

Connectivity through the Powapacs 150W solar panel

The Powapacs 150W solar panel is supplied with a 3 metre DC female to female cable, a DC to Anderson cable and a DC to twin core cable. A multi USB cable and 10 x DC adaptor are also included in the pack.

Tips for generating your own electricity when camping

There are a few factors to be aware of that can maximise the effect of your solar power when camping.

  • Fridges consume most of the electricity when camping at around 60%. Choose an appropriately sized and energy efficient fridge if it isn’t already integrated into a motorhome.
  • Use LED lights as these use far less electricity than traditional light bulbs.
  • Heating devices draw a lot of electricity and may therefore drain your battery rather quickly. Blankets are cheaper!
  • Motorhome batteries work best when topped up regularly so use your renewable energy to extend the lifespan of the battery.

Other Powapacs products from BCH Camping

BCH Camping stock a comprehensive range of Powapacs products. These include:

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