Camp chair luxury: The Vango Radiate Tall Chair

Whether you’re sitting outside a tent or in your garden, outdoor furniture enhances the experience. It seems we’ve all become more luxury-prone than in previous decades.

Think back to the early to mid-20th Century and the pictures of holidaymakers sitting on rows and rows of wooden rented deckchairs on UK beaches, alongside families claiming their spot on picnic blankets. These were the main sources of outdoor comfort at the time. The average family didn’t have garden or camping furniture in sheds and garages for use as and when required.

After many years of fashionable outdoor seating in the form of wrought iron or wooden chairs and tables, by the 1970s basic upright metal chairs and matching tables in different colours and patterns were increasingly seen in gardens across the UK.

As more people came to understand the value in garden and camping furniture, so the designs became more innovative. Reclining deckchairs were an instant hit, as were ‘glamping’ furniture items such as cupboards, storage, wardrobes, camp beds and clothes dryers.

Now in the 2020s, the demand for luxury has inspired the design of furniture for campers and garden dwellers who want the comforts of home in outdoor spaces.

At BCH Camping, we understand that luxury furniture can be a welcome compromise for families conflicted on the joys of camping. While some family members are keen to be at one with the outdoors and don’t care what they’re sitting on to do it, others are more reticent about a camping experience but having luxurious seating will make them willing to at least give it a go. Yes, comfortable camping furniture can be the luxury icing on the camping cake.

Vango continues to build on its reputation as a major innovator in camping equipment and furniture. The award winning Radiate range of products is one of the company’s more recent innovations to receive industry acknowledgement. Here we’ll feature the Vango Radiate Tall Chair.  

Vango Radiate Tall Chair

The Vango Radiate Tall Chair was manufactured in 2021 and Camping Magazine’s winner for Best Camping Innovation in the Editor’s Choice Awards.

What’s so special about this chair? The clue is in the title.

The Vango Radiate Tall Chair is heated for maximum comfort with four heat settings. This can be very welcome when sitting in the garden or at a campsite on cooler evenings, making you feel comfortable enough to want to stay outside for longer.

There is also a health benefit to sitting with your back against a heated chair, particularly if you’ve been walking all day or taking part in strenuous outdoor pursuits. The heat boosts circulation which allows nutrients and oxygen to travel to the joints and muscles.

How is the Vango Radiate Tall Chair heated?

The heat is provided by a built-in Graphene heating element which provides variable heat when connected to a power source. A power bank is required to supply the electrics which can be stored in the neat pocket.
The heating element is best suited to power banks with an output of 5V/2.1A. The touch button heat controller to the right of the chair provides easy access to the four different heat settings.

Other features of the Vango Radiate Tall Chair

  • High-back camping chair with a padded seat and backrest for extra comfort
  • Radiate heather fabric is a premium, durable material that offers superior comfort
  • 7 reclining positions
  • Strong texturised steel frame that can hold up to 140kg (22 stone)
  • Folds fast for safe and easy storage and transport
  • Hard armrest for support and stability when getting out of the chair
  • Weight – 5.44kg
  • Pack size – 100 x 7 x 62cm
  • Chair Depth: 67cm
  • Chair Width: 64cm
  • Chair Height: 110cm
  • Seat Height: 49.5cm
  • Seat Width: 48cm

Other Vango Radiate products from BCH Camping

Vango Radiate Heated Cushion

The Vango Radiate Heated Cushion will keep you warm when sitting outdoors. Heated in the same way as the Vango Radiate Tall Chair, the heated cushion is made of high quality, plush fabric with a hook and loop strap for attaching to a seat.

Vango Radiate Grande DLX Chair

The Vango Radiate Grande DLX Chair is the next size up from the Radiate Tall Chair. In July 2021 Vango announced that the Radiate Grand DLX chair had won the Camping Equipment category of the Outdoor Industry Awards based on innovation, functionality, choice of materials, environmental credentials, safety and commercial viability.

With taller and wider measurements and a maximum load of 180kg, this chair is ideal for larger people.
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