Create more space with the Coleman Journeymaster Deluxe Air Driveaway Awning

Campervans are amazing aren’t they? You can tour the country in your accommodation and pitch up at campsites that each offer unique experiences and places to explore. When it comes to an affordable staycation, campervans take some beating.

For families, however, the downside of a holiday in a campervan can be the lack of space. Let’s be honest, no matter how well trained parents are at measured responses to the loud, excited activity of their children, or how adept children are at using their ‘inside voices’, a holiday in a campervan can be a challenge. And that’s a shame when you consider all the opportunities a campervan can offer.

Well, it may not surprise you to learn that BCH Camping has the answer to this! A top quality awning that is available in three different sizes to accommodate families of varying numbers. Let us introduce the Coleman Journeymaster Deluxe Air Driveway Awning!

The Coleman Journeymaster Deluxe Air Driveway Awning

The Coleman Journeymaster Deluxe Air Driveway Awning is a one-time purchase that can see you through many years of holidays. It is Coleman’s first inflatable awning.

Depending on the space you need, one of the three sizes of awning will meet your needs. Each has three zones: living, sleeping and vestibule:

The extra-large Coleman Journeymaster Deluxe Air Driveaway Awning has a living area of 7.8m² and a 4-berth bedroom that can be separated into two bedrooms by zipped inner bedroom dividers.

The large Coleman Journeymaster Deluxe Air Driveaway Awning has a living area of 6.2 m² and a 2-berth bedroom.

The medium Coleman Journeymaster Deluxe Air Driveaway Awning has a living area of 3.8m² and a 2-berth bedroom.

All three sizes have XXL bedrooms and a headroom of between 180 and 210cm.

The additional living and sleeping space that the Coleman Journeymaster deluxe awning provides can transform the possibilities of your holiday. If the weather is changeable (to say the least), the awning provides sheltered space where children can play, the entire family can relax or everyone can dine.

Pitching and driving away from the Coleman Journeymaster Deluxe Air Driveaway Awning

Coleman’s FastPitch Air technology means one person can fully pitch the Journeymaster within 15 minutes. The inflatable poles have a high pressure valve for hassle-free inflation and deflation. This is a huge benefit when time is of the essence – perhaps when it’s raining or the pub is open!

The Coleman Journeymaster awning is a standalone unit, meaning you can leave the awning pitched while you drive away for a day out. This means that once you pitch your awning on a campsite, you don’t have to do anything else with it until you move on. You can leave all your camping kit behind instead of having to pack it all for every trip.

BlackOut Bedroom™

All models of the Coleman Journeymaster Deluxe Air driveaway awnings benefit from Coleman’s trademarked BlackOut bedroom technology. Particularly when camping with children, BlackOut bedrooms can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your holiday, particularly early in the morning!
The unique technology has the dual purpose of blocking out daylight and keeping the bedrooms up to 5° cooler during a warm day and 4° warmer at night.

WeatherTec™ waterproofing

The Coleman Journeyman deluxe awnings are protected by WeatherTec™ waterproofing technology. With a 6,000mm HH (hydrostatic head) rating, this means that the awnings can withstand a column of water 6,000mm high without leaking.

Shape and positioning of the Coleman Journeyman awning

The Coleman Journeyman awnings are tunnel shaped. The entrance is an open porch with large windows that provides barrier-free access to the living area. At the end of the tunnel is the sleeping area which is one room (large and medium models) or two rooms if separated in the extra-large model.
Because the awning is tunnel-shaped it opens out onto the same view as your campervan, rather than looking directly onto a neighbour’s pitch.

Light and airy

The Coleman Journeyman Deluxe Air awnings are light and airy thanks to the 6 large windows in the XL and L models and 5 large windows in the M model, and the low and high level ventilation points that increase airflow and reduce condensation.
All windows have zip up curtains for privacy when required.

Extra touches that benefit users of the Coleman Journeyman awnings

  • Storm straps ensure that the structure is stable
  • Two cable entry points provide mains power without the need to keep the door ajar
  • A lantern hanging point is located in the centre of the living area
  • Handy storage pockets can be used to keep small items in one place
  • Drop down doors provide convenience for prams and wheelchairs
  • Rain skirts ensure water flows off the tent
  • The internal mesh door stops bugs from coming in but still allows air to enter the awning

Practical features you need to know about the Coleman Journeyman Deluxe Air awning

  • Weight:
    • XL – 30.9kg
    • L – 26kg
    • M – 22.4kg
  • Pack size: 78 x 53 x 38 cm
  • Pitched sizes:
    • XL – 585m x 400cm
    • L – 515cm x 340cm
    • M – 415cm x 340cm
  • Fabric denier: 150D
  • UV guard: Yes
  • Fire retardant: Yes

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