How would you describe your ideal sleeping companion?

Despite what you may think, this is not an intensely personal question! We’re talking about the camping equipment or bedding that helps you sleep well during overnight camping or backpacking adventures.

What do you always take with you to help you sleep in a tent? Or what would you like to take with you, but have no room for in your rucksack or car?

At BCH Camping we supply a range of practical camping equipment that makes life easier when on the move or holidaying ‘under canvas’. Our air beds, camp beds and sleeping mats are particularly popular because, quite simply, we all need a good night’s sleep to recover from the day that’s been and be ready for the day that’s to come!

Vango is one of our leading brands for tents and camping equipment. The Vango Aotrom Thermo Platinum sleeping mat is one of our best selling camping products because of the multiple benefits it offers to BCH Camping customers.

Features of the Vango Aotrom Thermo Platinum self-inflating sleeping mat


The Vango Aotrom Thermo Platinum fabric is a high performance, technologically advanced feature of this sleeping mat:

Its 20 Denier ThermoFlex® Lite fabric has an aluminium reflective coating that retains heat. This, and the combination of Exkin Platinum® which is an extremely quiet non-woven fabric and DuPont® ComforMax multi-layer fibre insulation will keep you toasty warm all night.

The fabric also features Ripstop technology on both the bottom and top of the mat to provide exceptional strength and resistance to tearing.


At just 0.61kg, the Vango Aotrom Thermo Platinum self-inflating sleeping mat is ultra-lightweight, making it easy to carry during a hike or on backpacking trips.

Small pack size

Space in rucksacks and cars is always at a premium when it comes to camping or hiking trips! Rather than PVC, Vango has incorporated a modern TPU lamination which results in quicker packing and a smaller pack size. In fact, it packs down to be shorter than a standard water bottle!

Quick inflation and deflation

The mat is described as self-inflating because it is so easily inflated and deflated by simply opening the Flush Fit TPU airlock valve, which also provides a secure lock system when the mat is not being used.

Air filled welded channels for enhanced comfort

The air filled welded channels mitigate any dents or defects in the surface, and mould to the contours of your body to provide a comfortable sleep.

Rectangular shape

Its rectangular shape gives your feet more space to move around.


At 185cm long, 55cm wide and 5cm high, the Vango Aotrom Thermo Platinum sleeping mat gives you plenty of room to make yourself warm and comfortable.

The Vango Aotrom Thermo Platinum self-inflating sleeping mat is an essential item for any kit bag, regardless of how many nights you need it for. It takes up very little room and is ridiculously lightweight so there is really no reason to leave it at home!

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