Introducing the new Paramo Men’s Velez Jacket

Are you an outdoor enthusiast that doesn’t think twice about heading for the hills in all weathers? This doesn’t just mean walking. At BCH Camping we know our customers include many keen cyclists, climbers and backpackers who say “pah” to the thought of curtailing any such activity due to the weather, particularly when setting personal challenges.
Paramo Mens Velez Jacket
The call of the great outdoors can certainly be alluring. The pesky British weather can present challenges though, when considering what is the best clothing to wear for such exploits.

In this blog we are featuring Paramo’s new Men’s Velez Jacket that quite simply keeps you dry in the rain and stops you overheating in warmer temperatures or during high impact activity.
Is it that simple though? Of course it isn’t! Paramo have listened to customers and added innovative improvements for this latest Velez upgrade to make it the jacket of choice for the most active of outdoor enthusiasts.

An overview of the Paramo Men’s Velez jacket

The Paramo Men’s Velez jacket has been updated for spring/summer 2021. It features intuitive ventilation which, combined with Nikwax Analogy waterproof fabric, provides the essential requirements of high energy activity:
  • Optimum comfort
  • Weather protection
  • Warmth
  • Cooling in warmer temperatures
The two dual chest pockets, the forward facing upper arm vents and lightweight mesh lining all combine to provide the ventilation that tops the list of clever design benefits of this jacket.
A helmet compatible, wire peaked ‘halo’ hood offers a great field of vision and weather protection. The hood is also fully adjustable to fit comfortably in all weathers.
If you need to carry maps or keep valuables safe, the secure pocketing is a great feature that allows you to store whatever you need without interfering with the use of packs or harnesses.

The Nikwax Analogy Waterproof system

The waterproof system of the Paramo Men’s Velez jacket is no ordinary waterproof system! Not only is it breathable, it is also directional. This means it moves liquid water away from the body. It prevents the build-up of retained moisture that occurs during hard exercise which would otherwise make your body chill rapidly during rest breaks. In fact, Nikwax Analogy waterproofing allows 80% of water to drain away.

What does directional mean?

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that we said, ‘liquid water’. Isn’t all water liquid? Nope! Liquid water is the water we drink and feel as condensation inside clothing. Vapour is water we can’t see but is all around us. Ice is frozen water that builds up in extremely cold conditions (sorry for being obvious but we need to complete the set!).
Why move liquid water instead of moisture vapour from clothing when exercising? It comes down to efficiency. Liquid water occupies less space than water vapour so moving water as a liquid is more efficient than moving it as moisture vapour.
What does this mean to your comfort when wearing a Paramo Men’s Velez jacket? To maintain a steady body temperature we need to retain plenty of still, dry air around us and avoid it being replaced by water which could cause a 95% loss of insulation. For this reason, Nikwax created directional fabric systems to move liquid water to where we need it to be. In cooler conditions this is away from the body to keep us warm. In warmer conditions the directional fabric will retain just enough moisture to keep you cool.

What’s new for the Paramo Velez jacket in 2021?

Building on the popularity of previous models, in 2021 Paramo have introduced modifications that retained the best features and added more great benefits.
  • The Paramo Velez features both the regular weight Analogy fabric around the critical areas of wear, and the lighter weight fabrics where breathability is more key.
  • There is a revised shorter, active cut for this year that is quite fitted on the body and sleeves. This helps with the weight but doesn’t cause any restrictions when doing more strenuous activity.
  • The lining has been revised to use lighter fabrics across the back and in key areas which cuts down the weight and improves breathability when generating sweat and heat.

Other features of the Paramo Velez jacket

  • The hood can be rolled away securely
  • Reflective flashes provide a body outline for clear visibility
  • Harness, pack and helmet compatible design
  • Scooped hem with draw-cord adjustment allows for a closer fit in challenging weather conditions
  • Two-way front YKK zip and sleeves designed to expose the forearms if more cooling is needed
  • Rigorously tested to resist at least four hours of heavy rain

Size guide

Size To fit chest up to
cm in
S 97 38
M 101 40
L 109 43
XL 117 46
XXL 125 49
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