Introducing the Outwell Earth 4 Tent 2022 for active campers and festival goers

Camping isn’t always about heading to a campsite with thoughts of relaxing outside a tent with a cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of something stronger, while dinner cooks on the campfire. Idyllic as it sounds, this isn’t necessarily the vision of the more active family camper, or indeed the festival goer.

Here, we are talking about people who are on the move. They need a tent that is easy to carry and pitch. Frankly, any whistles and bells will just add unwelcome weight! It needs to be durable, roomy, waterproof and stable, so while size may not matter, the tent still needs to deliver excellent performance.

BCH Camping stock the perfect solution to the needs of the active camper and festival goer. Introducing the Outwell Earth 4 Tent 2022.

The Outwell Earth 4 Tent 2022

The Outwell Earth 4 tent is ideal for active family campers, groups of friends and festival goers. It is a tunnel style pole tent that is easy to pitch, so doesn’t steal much time away from activities!
The small pack size of the Outwell Earth 4 tent that is facilitated by the compression carry bag supplied with it, makes it ideal for carrying to and from campsites. The weight can be split by dividing up the poles and flysheet between campers.
Here are some of the excellent features that make the Outwell Earth 4 tent the ideal choice for active campers:
  • In the airy and generous living space there is one large bedroom that sleeps four.
  • The rear ventilation system, new for 2022, adjusts the air flow from fully open to zip sealed.
  • If it’s an insect-free night you’re after, the fully sealed groundsheet provides just that, and there are mesh pockets to store small items such as mobile phones. The storage area has a detachable bathtub groundsheet that can lie flat at the main and side doors to prevent accidents and trips.
  • The inner’s D-shaped door with mesh can be rolled up to provide easy access, and there is a side door and a front door that provide flexible access options. The fully sealed flysheet offers maximum protection from windy conditions and rain.
  • For late nights and tired eyes, the luminous guylines are a handy safety measure. They also help with speedy pitching.
  • For protection on windy days and nights, the Outwell Wind Guard System provides outstanding stability by bracing the tent flysheet via the sturdy poles and spreading the force of the wind.
  • The dark inner keeps light to a minimum to assist with sleeping while the tinted windows protect the interior from UV penetration and maintain the privacy of the occupants. The tinted windows don’t, however, affect access to the views out from the tent.
  • The heavy duty Outwell zips are easy to use and there are reinforcement patches on all stress points.
  • The Outwell Earth 4 tent is supplied with a compression carry bag to reduce the packed size.
  • Pack size: 61 x 23cm
  • Weight: 7.3kg

Pitching the Outwell Earth 4 tent

For festival goers or anyone new to camping, here are some tips on pitching the Outwell Earth 4 tent:
As you open the bag, observe how the tent has been packed as this will help you when you come to repack it. Find a place that is clear of rocks, branches and sharp objects.

Spread out the tent and make sure the door is facing the way you want it to. If it’s windy, it’s advisable to position the tent with its end into the wind direction. When putting the tent up, don’t secure it too tightly otherwise it won’t be able to adapt to changing wind and weather conditions.

The pre-attachable inner tent helps with speedy pitching. It can be left attached or detached depending on your preference.

Condensation can sometimes collect on the inside surfaces. This should be avoided if possible so it is advisable to remove wet clothes and increase the ventilation if this happens. To prevent water from seeping through the flysheet, avoid touching the inside surface during rainy conditions.
Once pitched, for easy access the main door and mesh can be toggled to one side while the groundsheet lies flush with the ground at the entrance.
The tent must be completely dry when it is taken down and packed away to avoid the build-up of mildew and rotting.

It is advisable to have a trial run of pitching your tent before setting off on holiday or to a festival.

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