Keep your cool this summer with the Coleman Convoy Cooler Box 65QT

Fun fact: It can get hot in the UK during the summer. It gets even hotter abroad. (Maybe that’s two fun facts, but who’s counting?)

Why are we sharing this not-so-hot-off-the-press news with you? Because it’s time for BCH Camping customers to wipe all memories of the cold, wet winter from their minds and get ready for sunny days and outdoor adventures.

Picture the scene. You’re outside your tent or mobile home on a campsite of your choice in the beautiful sunshine. Or you’re at a festival living your best life. Or maybe you’re in your back garden with friends and family, soaking up the rays. It’s thirsty work! So you reach for a drink, only to discover… it’s lukewarm.


Well, guess what? We have the perfect solution (of course we do!). The wheeled Coleman Convoy Cooler Box keeps drinks and food chilled for up to five days. Lukewarm drinks and wilting food are a thing of the past.

Let us tell you more.

The Coleman Convoy Cooler Box

The Coleman Convoy Cooler Box is ideal for…

  • Caravanning
  • Camping
  • Self-drive holidays abroad
  • Fishing
  • Festivals
  • Extended camping holidays
  • Garden parties

What is it about the Coleman Convoy Cooler Box that makes it the ideal choice for keeping food and drink chilled on hot, sunny days?

Performance of the Coleman Convoy Cooler Box

  • The Coleman Convoy Cooler Box has a capacity of 66 litres which means you don’t have to leave any drinks or refrigeration-dependent food behind.
  • Thick premium PU (polyurethane) full foam insulation facilitates the superior 5 day ice retention.
  • The treated antibacterial liner is moulded into the interior of the cooler to protect the inside of the box from fungal growth. The liner also reduces bad odour bacteria by 99.99%.
  • The lid has stainless steel hinges and extra rubber latches to provide a tighter seal which keeps food and drink fresh and chilled.

Practical features of the Coleman Convoy Cooler Box

  • For easy transportation across campsites or festival grounds, the Coleman Convoy Cooler Box has wheels and sturdy rope handles.
  • The robust Have-A-Seat lid can, as the name suggests, double as a convenient seat.
  • Inside the lid there is a handy bottle opener.
  • The rugged design of the Coleman Convoy Cooler Box stands up to harsh conditions (when there’s a break in the sunshine!).
  • The weight of the box is 7.8kg. Convoy coolers are 2 times lighter than rotomolded coolers. When they’re packed with ice, the difference in weight makes transportation easier.

Specifications of the Coleman Convoy Cooler Box

Inner Capacity (width x length x height): 61cm x 40cm x 32cm

Outer Size (width x length x height): 73cm x 38cm x 47cm

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