Keeping your cool on holiday

Whether you’re on a family holiday or away with friends, one of the downsides to camping has always been the challenge of keeping food and drink cold. Cool bags and boxes do the job of keeping refreshments cool for a while, but they can’t maintain the continuous low temperature of your home fridge freezer.
At BCH Camping we’re delighted to be stocking the Powacoola fridge freezers from Powapacs. New for 2021, the Powacoola units are available in 35L and 55L. They work in exactly the same way as your home fridge freezer, giving you the option to keep food or drink cold back at the tent, or with you on a day out.

Who are Powapacs?

Powapacs develop portable power solutions for anyone who needs power while enjoying outdoor pursuits. Many new accessories have been developed since the launch of the original Powapacs Atom power supply, which was designed for use when fishing.
With a focus on quality, Powapacs products are now found in a number of high street shops. The company is committed to the green agenda, supplying solar panels to “make best use of the sun as a power source”.

Who might use a Powapacs Powacoola?

The Powacoola is perfect for anyone who needs a fridge freezer when away from home, pursuing outdoor activities in a car, RVs such as campers, caravans, boats, motor homes, at events or wherever a portable fridge freezer would be useful. It’s an ideal solution for individuals, groups and families. There’s nothing worse than a warm wine or beer (other drinks are apparently available!).

Features of the Powapacs Powacoola Fridge Freezers

The Powacoola is available from BCH Camping in two sizes: Dimensions: 600mm wide, 570mm high, 400mm deep
Weight: Dimensions: 600mm wide, 440mm high, 400 mm deep
Weight: 19.2kg
Even in the hottest conditions, the high quality performance of the Powacoola doesn’t disappoint. It freezes without ice at -20° and operates quietly under 45 decibels.
The unit can be powered with mains AC power, solar, on a power bank or via the cigarette lighter adapter.
Here are some of the design features that make the unit a neat addition to any holiday or day out:
  • LED touchscreen display to keep an eye on the temperature, battery status and power
  • USB power outlet for the all-essential charging of phones and devices
  • Shockproof durable design
  • LED internal light
  • Individually controlled duel compartments or bins, equipped with wired baskets for easy removal of food and drinks
  • Fluorine-free insulation
  • Handy removable cutting board that slots into its allocated space on top of the box for easy food preparation
  • Cup settings on top of the box
  • LG compressor
  • Detachable lithium battery that powers both fridge and freezer temperature levels
  • Solar compatible
  • Heavy duty oversized wheels
  • Lid with safety handle
  • Telescopic handle, and additional handle at the back for easy manoeuvrability

What temperatures can you expect from the Powacoola fridge freezer?

In refrigerator and ECO mode the fridge will stay cold at 4°C for about 12-24 hours, depending on the amount of food being stored, and the frequency of opening the lid.
In freezer mode at -20°C, food will remain frozen for 8-10 hours.

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