Let there be light with the Dometic SabreLink 150 awning light starter kit

In the absence of the temperate climates enjoyed by our European neighbours it could be said that we Brits don’t get out much! So in spring and summer when we emerge from our loungewear and blankets, daring to step outside after dark, it always feels great to smell the air and know we made it through another winter!

Enjoying longer days and staying outside into late evening, or night time for the foolhardy, is one of the most enjoyable aspects of camping. That connection with nocturnal goings on that we don’t usually get to enjoy makes camping special. When we speak to our BCH Camping customers, we find that this precious time to enjoy the great outdoors is one of the many reasons why they choose camping holidays over expensive hotels. 

Having the right equipment handy for the indoors/outdoors connection on a campsite in the dark makes the experience easier to navigate. For those of us with an awning, this includes making sure you have enough light, not just so you can see what’s going on, but also for safety so you don’t twist your ankle on day one!

Dometic have this all wrapped up with their SabreLink 150 awning light starter kit. This is a nifty little kit that sheds much needed light on the outdoor experience.

The Dometic SabreLink 150 awning light starter kit

The 150 in the name of the Dometic SabreLink 150 refers to the 150 LEDs in the light unit. It emits 1000 Lumens, so it is nice and bright, but it can be dimmed to a preferred level of brightness by using the remote control that is supplied with the product. The brightness can be quicky changed in increments of 10% using the percentage buttons on the remote control.

Designed to be compatible with Dometic AirFrame awnings, the SabreLink 150 light fits snuggly into a section of an AirFrame awning ceiling, in some awnings using the ready-installed Velcro tabs. SabreLink 150 add-ons can be purchased to work with the initial starter kit, with a maximum of three lights operating at any one time, including the starter kit. The three lights – the starter kit and two add-ons – are connected using a separately sold connection lead, and they will all work off the same socket connection. The lights can be placed alongside each other on the front or in the centre of the awning. In poled awnings, the lights can hang from the horizontal poles using the S-hooks provided.

The Dometic SabreLink 150 awning light starter kit is supplied with the remote control, a 5m long cable with 3 pin socket to run the light off the mains, a mains adaptor, pole clips and S-hooks for other awnings and tents. 

If add-on lights are installed, the remote control operates all three lights with on/off and dimming controls. An add-on kit is supplied with the connector and clips needed for installation.

The Dometic SabreLink 150 awning light can be safely transported and protected using a Dometic SabreLink 150 carry bag.

Specifications of the Dometic SabreLink 150 awning light starter kit

Dimensions: Depth 1200mm

Height 30mm

Width 30mm

Net weight 0.92kg

Dometic acquired Kampa in 2018 

At BCH Camping we always work with leading brands to ensure the quality of products we sell. If you’re thinking that AirFrame awnings and tents are a Kampa range, that’s because Dometic acquired Kampa in 2018. Kampa’s leading position in lightweight and inflatable awnings and tent technology made it the ideal acquisition for Dometic who wanted to expand its position in UK retail through new product areas.

Kampa, based in Essex, was originally founded in 2006. Dometic is a global company known for making market-leading outdoor products and developing innovative technologies that facilitate exceptional design and functionality.

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