Living it large with the Coleman MacKenzie 6 BlackOut Tent 2021

Space and layout are important features of your accommodation when on holiday with the family or a group of friends. Even more so when you are camping! Falling over each other and feeling penned in are not conducive with a fun staycation, where the aim is to get away from it all and have a great time.
Coleman understand this. They make tents that feature innovative technology aimed at making camping holidays as stress free as possible. They understand group dynamics and continually strive to make improvements on popular tent models based on feedback from customers and industry experts alike.
This is why we supply Coleman tents at BCH Camping. Customer feedback tells us that Coleman is an industry leader for a reason; they understand their market.

The Coleman MacKenzie 6 BlackOut Tent 2021

Coleman MacKenzie 6 BlackOut TentThe Coleman MacKenzie 6 BlackOut tent is a 6 person tunnel tent, with three bedrooms, that is super-easy to put up. If you’re used to air pole tents, don’t be put off by the Coleman MacKenzie having steel poles. User friendly, it will only take between 10 and 20 minutes to put this tent up, and then you benefit from its sturdy construction (and a few £s left in your wallet!).

Feature highlights

  • BlackOut Bedroom technology blocks up to 99% of daylight from entering the sleeping area. This is great for those with young children who are keen to bounce out of bed at the first sight of light, and older children (aka adults) who need darkness to sleep well.
  • XXL bedrooms are 140cm wide, so more spacious than standard tent bedrooms. They offer plenty of room for large double air beds.
  • Climate control properties of the fabric keep the bedroom up to 5°C cooler during the day and up to 1°C warmer during the night. This is because the BlackOut Bedroom technology stores energy from the sun in the surface of the fabric.
  • Fire retardant material prevents the fabric from flaring dangerously out of control if it catches fire. Instead, it will self-extinguish to give time for safe evacuation.
  • The WeatherTec waterproof fabric has a hydrostatic head rating of 4500mm, meaning 4.5 metres of water can be held on its surface before any drops will penetrate through to the underside. This, and the taped seams, will keep you dry in the challenging Great British weather.

Overview of the Coleman MacKenzie 6 BlackOut Tent

Generous head height

With a head height of 217cm (over 7 foot) the Coleman MacKenzie offers comfortable accommodation for taller folk.

Sleeping options

The versatile sleeping options provide generous space. The two main bedrooms have a removable divider that allows for easy conversion into one extra-spacious room. The removable third bedroom can be used to either sleep two people or for storage. If not needed, it can be completely removed to increase the living area.

Living area and windows

Spacious and bright, the living area has large windows and two doors so that you feel connected to the outdoor surroundings. The four-layer window system has been carefully thought through to give you a range of options for how you would like your accommodation to look and feel. You can choose from:
  • Covers for privacy
  • Windows for a clear view
  • Mesh for air, daylight and protection from bugs
  • Fully open for optimal ventilation


Next to the door, there is a designated area of the tent for storage, with the added feature of a clothes rail to store clothes crease-free, or for hanging to dry. Having the option to use this rail means you don’t have to pack glamping-style wardrobes to hang your clothes! There are also storage pockets around the tent to keep essentials tidy and organised. After all, it’s always good to know where the bottle opener is.


Four sturdy steel poles provide a robust structure you can depend on, even in high winds. The mesh pole sleeves reduce wind resistance so that you hear less wind noise.

Safety and security

Coleman have given careful consideration to safety and security by placing zipper stoppers on the tent doors. These make the zips stop at the same, designated point so that they are always easy for both adults and children to reach and find, particularly in case of an emergency.

Air flow regulation

The zipped vent panel, adjustable from the outside, makes regulating the tent’s air flow easy, along with the double layer door’s ultra-fine mesh. Both reduce the risk of condensation while maintaining a comfortable internal temperature.

Weather protection

A shelter over the door offers protection from bad weather when entering or leaving the tent, while rain skirts at the base of the tent push away water from the groundsheet, which is sewn in to keep bugs out.

Lighting and power

Summit loops allow you to store lanterns and lamps out of the way, in a convenient place for the best distribution of light. Meanwhile the power cord vent allows you to run power through the tent, keeping cords safely stowed by threading them through designated loops. No tripping over exposed wires or frantically looking for cables!

The Coleman MacKenzie 6 BlackOut tent specification at a glance

  • Capacity: 6 persons
  • Set up: Pitch-in-one
  • Structure: Cabin/tunnel
  • Poles: Steel
  • Groundsheet: PE, welded, fully integrated
  • Outer fabric: Polyester PU coated/Fire retardant
  • Inner fabric: Breathable Polyester, Polyester PU coated, No-see-um mesh
  • Seams: Taped seams
  • Carry bag: Included
  • Pack size: 80 x 40 x 40 cm
  • Weight: 35.5 kg
  • Water column: 4500 mm
  • Total: 18.9 m2 (Sleeping 8.8 m2, Living 10.1 m2)
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