Luxury camping with the Vango Anantara IV Air inflatable tent

When it comes to tents, Vango know the score, and they’ve certainly hit the back of the net again  with the Vango Anantara IV AirBeam® tent for 2022. Many BCH Camping customers will be familiar with the versatility and feature-packed products from Vango, and this is no exception.

This is a tent that has had a few earlier versions, three in fact for those who don’t know their Roman numerals! The Antara IV’s predecessor III model was voted Tent of the Year in 2021 by Camping Magazine. With each update Vango implement improvements based on customer feedback. When you buy a Vango tent you know that you’re investing in state-of-the-art technology, practical design features and value for money.
So, let’s take a closer look.

The Vango Anantara IV Air TC tent

The Vango Anantara IV Air TC tent is part of Vango’s award winning AirBeam® S.I. Pro® range.
Two primary, outstanding features that make the Vango Anantara a hit every season are the AirBeam technology and the robust, waterproof fabric.
  • The Anantara IV is easily pitched using the industry renowned AirBeam S.I Pro® single point inflation system. What does this mean to you? It means you can pitch the tent very easily in three to ten minutes.
  • Vango have kept faith with the high performance Sentinel Pro 150 denier polyester fabric for the Anantara in 2022 which has a HH (hydrostatic head) rating of 5000mm. This means that the tent can withstand a column of up to 5000mm of water without leaking.

What’s new for the Vango Anantara IV Air TC tent in 2022?

For 2022 Vango have added some more handy features.
  • An updated RainSafe door pole for easier insertion into the pole sleeve
  • Zip-on studios that can be added to the right side of the tent. These are ideal for providing extra living space, storage, a dining area, extra sleeping compartments or for somewhere to locate a portable toilet.
  • Additional zip on the front of the tent to connect an awning if required
  • Smart pack roller bag makes it easier to pack the tent away. The full front of the roller bag drops down for rolling your tent and compressing it straight into the bag
2022 is also the first time the Vango Anantara IV Air TC tent has been made available in two sizes.
The standard Vango Anantara IV Air TC 650XL has a capacity to sleep six people and has the following dimensions:
  • Total weight 63.9kg
  • Pack size L82 x H58 x W60cm
  • Pitched height 225cm
  • Pitched length 805cm
  • Pitched width 440cm
Introduced as an option for couples and smaller families, the Vango Anantara IV Air TC 450XL tent is a smaller 4 berth tent with the following dimensions:
  • Total weight 52.4kg
  • Pack size L80 x H57 x W55cm
  • Pitched height 225cm
  • Pitched length 805cm
  • Pitched width 300cm

Other features of the Vango Anantara IV Air TC tent

  • The pre-attached front awning provides a separate living area which can be used for preparing meals, dining, as a porch or for storage.
  • The tinted Diamond Pro windows provide privacy and insulation.
  • Midnight Bedrooms darkened fabric blocks the morning light from entering the tent and waking everyone up too early.
  • The Vango Anantara IV Air TC tent is spacious and airy. The vertical villa-type walls increase the internal height of the tent, and SkyLight windows make the tent brighter while AirZone panels drive airflow through the tent.
  • The Climate Pro windows have a three-layer window construction of mesh, curtain and PVC, allowing you to control the climate by adding or removing layers.
  • Clear access bedrooms have a wide opening and no step over into the bedroom area which makes access easier for less mobile people and prevents trips.
  • A double living area provides additional room which is ideal for larger families or groups when moving around or relaxing. It also provides additional options for storage.
  • The king sized bedrooms provide a 70cm sleeping area for each person which facilitates a good sleep and also provides enough space to keep belongings next to you overnight.
  • Lantern hanging points allow you to illuminate the tent easily at night.
  • The high cable entry accommodates the running of cables into the awning area at the front of the tent. There are also three cable entry points inside the tent to feed the cables to power your camping appliances.
  • Pockets are located in both the bedrooms and the living area for the convenient storage of personal items.
Overall, the Vango Anantara IV Air TC tent is the perfect family accommodation for staycations and holidays abroad. The well-considered, innovative design features from Vango ensure that you have everything you need so that you can head off and have a stress-free holiday.

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