May the Tors be with you!

For many years BCH Camping has been providing equipment and clothing to participants of the Ten Tors Challenge. This year is no exception, and with the date looming we’re providing a guide to the challenge, and things you need to know and have if you’re taking part.
What is the Ten Tors Challenge?
On 11th May 2018 there will be teams of young people striding out upon Dartmoor National Park in pursuit of the Ten Tors Challenge. Over two days – from Saturday at 7.00am to Sunday 5.00pm – the teams of 6 young people, aged between 14 and 19, will visit 10 specified tors/checkpoints.
This is not a walk that brings to mind picnics, chitter chatter and beer gardens. This is called a “challenge” for good reason, organised for young people by the army to “enhance their self-confidence and aspirations through the development of leadership, problem solving, team work and hillwalking/camping skills, in a wild country context”.
Does the Ten Tors Challenge have different length courses?
Yes, the 10 tors are contained within walks of either 35, 45 or 55 miles depending on the age of the 6 team members. Throughout the Ten Tors, participants will work together through careful planning and skilful navigation to complete the course, whatever its length, within the specified time. Their determination, tenacity, endurance and team work will be tested to the full.
Is the Ten Tors Challenge a race?
No, the expedition is not completed as a race. The challenge is to complete the walk correctly, and within the specified time.
How can I prepare for the Ten Tors Challenge?
As a team you need to prepare to be self-sufficient. You should be equipped for navigating the route, camping overnight, facing all the possibilities that our wonderful British weather can throw at you (what do you mean, “but it’s in May”?), and make sure you have enough “fuel” in terms of food and drink.
BCH Camping and the Ten Tors Challenge
BCH Camping is proud to have been working alongside the Ten Tors Challenge. We have been providing clothing and equipment for the challenge since our inception in 1976. Many of our staff have completed the challenge and can therefore provide advice and tips from their own experience. BCH Camping offer competitive discounts to Ten Tors participants for any clothing or equipment purchased for the challenge.
Is there a specific kit list for the Ten Tors Challenge?
Yes, this list is issued from the army to the schools or organisations taking part. It is a very strict list and participants will undergo rigorous kit inspections before the event. The clothing should be layered to include dry clothing and nightwear. Food, tents and cooking equipment are also included in the kit. BCH Camping provide a wide range of the clothing and equipment. Here are some of our recommendations:

Footwear: Berghaus Mens Explorer Trek Plus GTX

This boot has a lightweight upper, with GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort technology to prevent water entry. There are many other features of this boot that make it the perfect choice for the Ten Tors challenge.

Survival Equipment: Highlander Survival Bag

This bag is an essential part of any kit. It can be used either for high visibility in poor weather conditions, or as a short term shelter.

Health products: Lifesystems Chlorine Tablets

BCH Camping supply a variety of essential products to combat the difficulties that nature can inflict. These tablets enable participants to drink water safely and clean their teeth.

Rucksacks:Vango Sherpa 60 + 10

The Sherpa range of rucksacks has always been a favourite of BCH Camping. It has a self-adjustable back system to make it the perfect fit. There are many features of this range that make it a great choice for the Ten Tors Challenge and DofE and Scout expeditions.

Clothing:Craghoppers Womens Seline Half Zip-Bright Turquoise Top

This Seline top is ideal for the Ten Tors. Layered clothing is essential. BCH Camping supply tops, trousers, waterproofs, jackets, hats, gloves and so on to cover all weather eventualities.
These items are just an insight into the range of kit needed for a Ten Tors Challenge. Our ranges of these and other products are extensive and can be viewed on our website.
How do I know if the kit I’m buying is the best for me?
BCH Camping have a wealth of knowledge of what is required for expeditions like the Ten Tors Challenge. We provide additional services such as professional boot fitting at our stores in Trowbridge, Chippenham and Bath, which takes into account the foot shape and budget available.
As there is a variety of different rucksacks available in varying sizes… and the general public have a variety of body shapes and sizes… BCH Camping also provide a professional rucksack fitting service. If a rucksack is not fitted correctly it can cause problems not only on the day of the challenge, but medical problems after the event.
Whether you’re taking part in the Ten Tors Challenge or any other expedition, do contact us for any help or information you may need, or visit our website. Remember – discounts are available to Ten Tors participants. Good luck!