Meet Zempire and their new Evo tent for 2021

If you consider buying a new house off-plan the first thing you do, or should do, is research the house builder who is going to make your new home. You need to be convinced that, amongst other things, the construction will be sound and that you will be protected in all weathers.
Buying a new family tent should be no different. It’s an investment that you quite rightly expect to enjoy for many years so you need to be sure that the construction is sound, you won’t be spending valuable leisure time fixing leaks and there’s no chance of you outgrowing it for at least the next few years.
At BCH Camping, we have the pleasure of selling top class products from a wide range of reputable manufacturers. When it comes to tents, New Zealand owned Zempire certainly know how to develop and create the forever home from home. We decided, for this blog, to share some background on this dependable manufacturer. Then, should you be in the market for a new family tent, you will know more about the company behind your investment.

Who are Zempire?

Zempire is the creation of husband and wife team, Richard and Sophie Knauf. The rugged mountains, forests, beaches and rivers of New Zealand offer the perfect arena for developing and testing their designs. Assessing the strength and durability of any outdoors product is essential. The sea breezes, strong UV light and wild weather conditions of New Zealand test their products to their limits.
The Zempire focus is not only on robust construction. The design features that make campers’ lives easier are also a major consideration. This could be the way and speed at which the product packs down, an easy-pump airframe or glow in the dark zip pullers. Innovation is very much at the heart of the Zempire brand.
Zempire is still very much a family business. Richard and Sophie still sign off every design decision and the Zempire team work closely with manufacturing partners, quality checking every production run.

The Zempire Evo 2021 tent

For 2021, Zempire have redesigned the mid-range Evo family tent series with improved ventilation and comfort. The open-plan design with multiple ventilation points makes this ideal for family camping during the summer months.
The use of space has been carefully considered. Zempire’s custom-designed Awning Wall Set enclose the front of the tent while extending the living space. The door can be poled out to create extra protection from the sun (or rain!).
The Zempire Evo 2021 is available in three sizes: Weight: 21.6kg
Internal floor area: 11.5m Weight: 28.5kg
Internal floor area: 18.5m² Weight: 32.9kg
Internal floor area: 22.5m²

Main features of the Zempire EVO 2021 tent

SEROLINK™ beam technology

New for 2021, the SEROLINK™ air beam technology reduces the weight and pack size of the tent without affecting its durability. It is the removal of the outer sleeve material that reduces the bulk and weight.
The air frame system is constructed with multiple angles which provide improved rigidity and ensures the frame holds its shape in windy conditions. The new attachment system toggles the tent fly directly to the beam without compromising flexibility and movement. With this new system, beams are easier to remove and replace.

Spacious Design

The new angled airframe shape provides a spacious feel to all Evo models.

150D fly fabric

The touch 150D fly fabric ensures the Evo series is built to last. The fabric is made of 135T polyester oxford.

Multi-room inner

For the TXL and TL sizes, the new light-diffusing multi-room inner tent offers different bedroom layouts. In the TM, a zip-out divider gives you a choice between 1 or 2 sleeping spaces, each with its own door.

Full head-height living area

There is plenty of room to relax in the full head-height living area. The large 3-way windows with internal covers control light, airflow and privacy.

Large awning area

The large awning area provides covered outdoor living space, ideal for eating and sitting out. There is also an option to add a custom-designed Awning Wall Set or Aerobase link to create an even larger space.

Other specifications

Frame material: Inflatable air system tubes
Waterhead rating (fly): 6,000mm
UV rating: SPF 50
Inner fabric: 68D, 190T breathable polyester
External windows: 5
Entry/exit points: 3
Supplied with: All sizes are supplied with a double action hand pump with pressure gauge, an emergency repair kit and a large haul bag.

Camping products from BCH Camping

Once you have decided on the best size of Zempire Evo 2021 tent, you may need to purchase other camping products.
BCH Camping supply a comprehensive range of camping products to send you on your way to a fun camping holiday.
Camping beds: Choose from airbeds, camp beds and self-inflating mats. We supply pumps too.
Camping furniture: We stock a range of tables and chairs, wardrobes and cupboards, storage solutions and clothes dryers.
Camping cookers and stoves: For true campers we supply all you need for al fresco cooking – gas burners, Campingaz BBQ and grill combos, BBQs, electric cookers and grills, Kelly kettles, multifuel cookers and ovens.
Sleeping bags: We cater for all sizes; double, single and kids sleeping bags as well as pillows.
Camping kitchen items: Kettles and coffee makers, plates bowls and mugs, pots and pans.
All the above will give you everything you need to create your ideal home from home in a sturdy, robust tent manufactured by a reputable tent brand. Happy holidays!

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