New Used Caravan Display Area!

With the new display yard getting the full make over the last couple of weeks, our attention has turned to our used Caravans displays. As some of you will know, we only started to sell used Caravans at the end of summer last year, so it's fantastic that after a good number of sales under our belt, we go into spring with a large area dedicated to used Caravans and used Folding Campers.

Where is it I hear you cry. Well, what used to be the staff car park has now been turned into our Caravan area with the help of a generous dump of gravel and some shiny new tarmac. Add to that a brand new fence and away we go!

The staff have all been given BCH folding bikes to compensate, although no one seems to want to ride them in so far! Only joking, extra parking has been provided!

We not only sell Caravans at our Trowbridge store, but we can sell them on your behalf too! So if you're fed up of trying to sell your used Caravan yourself, then why not give us a call. We are looking for good quality, used Caravans up to ten years old and will display and advertise them on your behalf on our website and in the paper etc. For more details call our Eric on 01225 764977.

We are also very lucky at BCH Camping to know Mr Simon Cope 'The Caravan Doctor'. All used Caravans for sale in our Trowbridge store come with a full service from the South Wests most famous Doctor!

So if you're looking for a fully serviced, quality used Caravan, or looking to sell the same. Pop down to your local Camping specialists BCH Camping of Trowbridge and we'll do the rest.

I'll be back next week with all that's new in BCH World.