Powapacs Atom Pro - the must-have portable power for camping

The need for access to electricity when camping can instigate passionate debate between the camping purists and those who still feel the need to be connected while away on holiday, or who want to use electrical items in the tent.

Regardless of how much we see camping as ‘getting away from it all’ or spending time ‘off grid’, the truth is, particularly for those with young families, there is often an overwhelming need to remain connected or ‘plugged in’
Of course, it’s not just about charging devices. Electricity is also a requirement for lighting, fridges, bottle sterilisers and so on.

Portable camping power takes away the reliance on an electric hook-up, giving you flexibility in deciding where to camp. It’s a halfway house between the purists and the glampers that gives you the option to explore.

The Powapacs Atom Pro packs a considerable punch when it comes to power. It allows almost all electrical devices up to 150 watts to be run from it.

To understand the appeal of the Powapacs Atom Pro, it helps to learn more about the company behind this “must have” mobile power station.

About Powapacs

Powapacs came about in response to the need for a portable power solution for the fishing community. The Atom is Powapacs’ flagship product and over the last few years, Powapacs have now become a market leader for portable power.
The main drive behind the Powapacs story is to provide anyone who regularly participates in outdoor pursuits with portable power. This has given Powapacs the impetus to develop a range of accessories that help campers, fishermen and women, metal detectorists, drone pilots and anyone who loves to engage in activities that take place outdoors, away from an electricity supply.
Other markets have discovered the benefits of the Atom, particularly where it provides a crucial power backup, such as people with Sleep Apnea who need a CPAP machine to pump oxygenated air through a mask at night. Professionals such as surveyors constantly need a power source so the Powapacs Atom is also invaluable to them.
Powapacs listened to customer feedback on the first generation Atom and have made modifications to the second generation Powapacs Atom Pro to improve the user experience. We’ll take a look at those a little later on.

Powapacs Atom Pro specification

Despite its capacity and functionality, the Powapacs Atom Pro only weighs 2kg. The dimensions are 240mm x 165mm x 65mm.
As previously mentioned, almost all electrical devices up to 150 watts can be run from the Powapacs Atom Pro. It can charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, lighting and other equipment.
The battery has a capacity of 312 Wh, or Watt-hours. This means that it can power up to 312 watts for an hour, or a 60 watt light bulb for 5.2 hours.
The Powapacs Atom Pro has USB, USB-C PD, DC and AC outputs. It can be charged in three different ways; by mains supply, via a solar panel or with a 12-24V car adaptor. The solar panel can be between 40W and 200W. The second generation Atom is still compatible with Powapacs solar panels purchased for the original model.
There is a digital user information display and an integrated LED torch.
The unit has a battery capacity of 78,000 mAh, or milliampere per hour. Researching the device or appliance you want to charge will tell you how many milliamperes it consumes in an hour.
The Powapacs Atom Pro comes with a carry case for easy transportation. It also contains a flap that protects the front of the Atom when it is being stored. The case stores the mains charger and the car charger.

What’s new for the second generation Powapacs Atom portable charger?

As alluded to earlier, Powapacs have brought in some improvements to this latest model of the Atom in response to consumer feedback. There are four main changes.
  • Outputs
Two USB-C outputs have been added. A USB-C port is fast becoming the standard connection for laptops and mobile devices.
  • Torch
With the original Atom, it was reported that there was a tendency for the torch to come on while in the bag because it was too easy to knock the button when being carried. Now, the torch will only come on by pressing the button on the front to activate the display, and then pressing and holding the torch button. As long as the display is not on, the torch cannot be activated.
  • Display
There were complaints that the display was too bright and distracting at night. On the second generation, the display has been re-engineered to turn off, even at the moment of plugging in devices. If, however, a charge status display is needed, it can be pressed to show the battery percentage and the ports that are charging devices.
  • 12V Socket
Campers using the 12V socket to power fridges, found that the socket would switch off when the fridge went into standby mode upon reaching the right temperature. This has now been changed so that the 12V socket is always on when there is something plugged into it.

The Powapacs Atom Pro Quick Setup Guide

For information and safety, the back of the unit displays a quick setup guide on how to operate the unit, the torch and the AC plug socket. It also shows which appliances shouldn’t be plugged in, such as hair dryers and three-bar fires.

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