Product feature: Vango Aether Air 600XL 2021 tent

Back in February, The Independent reported that travel restrictions had resulted in a 300% increase in bookings for UK staycations. Four months later the ever-changing green, amber and red system for travelling abroad has created more uncertainty than ever. This, along with the latest setback in the lifting of restrictions, has led to UK holidays getting snapped up at an unprecedented rate.
The knock-on effect of the increase in staycations is that camping and campervan holidays are seeing a huge boost this summer. Bookings for outdoor holidays have increased by up to 273% compared to two years ago, and according to travel agent Cool Camping, campsite bookings are up by as much as 500%.
What does this mean to the BCH Camping community? It means you need to get a wiggle on! Are you ready for a camping staycation?
For this blog we are featuring the Vango Aether Air 600XL tent. BCH Camping have good stock of this high-quality tent from a reputable manufacturer, at a time when there are many supply chain issues for stockists.
Our advice is to not delay in buying your holiday home for the summer.

The Vango Aether Aire 6OOXL 2021 Tent

Part of Vango’s Earth Collection Range

Vango’s Aether Aire 600XL tent is new for 2021 from their recently launched Earth Collection range. As a continuation of Vango’s fifty year commitment to supporting the environment, products in the Earth Collection are made from 100% recycled materials. As an outdoor company, Vango advocate the importance of preserving the environment, and have a history of upcycling and recycling camping equipment through their spares and repairs services.
The Vango Aether Aire 600XL tent is made of Sentinel Eco Fabric, launched as a primary feature of the Earth Collection. The fabric is made from recycled, single use plastic to reduce plastic waste from the environment.

Benefits and features of the Vango Aether Aire 600XL tent

The Vango Aether Air 600XL is an inflatable AirBeam® tent that accommodates up to 6 people. It offers many benefits to the discerning camper who has a list of matters to consider when purchasing a tent for a UK summer holiday! Not least, the weather.

Speedy pitching time

It takes around 10 to 20 minutes to pitch the tent. No having to negotiate pesky poles and family arguments.

Sentinel Eco fabric

Produced from recycled material equivalent to 221 plastic bottles.

Durable fabric

Eco polyester (62g) fabric, with a waterproof hydrostatic head of 3000mm (the amount of standing water that would be needed to penetrate the fabric).

Vango Villa Construction AirBeam technology

The AirBeam system ensures quick inflation and provides a sturdy and reliable structure. The unique Villa Construction uses upright side walls to increase the height inside the tent, allowing for maximum use of the internal space.

Double mesh doors with drop down flap

Both living room doors have mesh panels which increase the airflow, whilst keeping the bugs out. The flexible doorstep can be dropped to ground level to allow entrance to the tent without having to step over the doorway.

Queen-sized nightfall bedrooms

The queen bedrooms provide a 60cm sleeping area per person. The nightfall technology reduces early morning light so you’re not woken by the sunrise. The bedrooms also have conveniently positioned pockets to store essentials and no step over into the room, providing easier access.

Double living area

The extra-large living area provides more space to move around and store essentials.

Vango AirZone

The Vango AirZone high and low level ventilation panels combine to create a comfortable flow of air through the tent which, in turn, reduces condensation.

Large front King Pole door

The large front door can be rolled back or the side door can be King Poled open to create a sun canopy, providing air and extra space.

Fully sewn-in groundsheet

The groundsheet is attached to the flysheet with an external storm skirt, providing the added comfort of a bug and draught free environment.

High visibility guy lines

When returning to the tent in the dark, the high visibility guy lines prevent accidents and provide clearer access to the tent.

TBS II Tension Band System

This creates a triangular structure inside the tent to provide extra stability in windy conditions.



Pack size

L73cm x H45cm x W45cm

Items included

Carry bag
Double action pump

Other products to consider to be camping-ready

If you’re new to camping holidays, once you’ve purchased your tent you need to consider other camping kit that will make your holiday hassle-free.
If you’re cooking at your tent you will need a cooker or stove, and gas or fuel, along with pots and pans. For al fresco dining, there are many kitchen products available such as plates, bowls and mugs that are lighter to transport and more robust than standard kitchen essentials.
You will need something to sleep on. This is the point at which you decide how hardcore you want to be! BCH Camping stock a range of camp beds, airbeds and self-inflating mats along with electric pumps. Your choice of bed may come down to available space, not just a requirement for home comforts!
Once you have your bed, you need something to sleep in – and we’re not talking pyjamas. We supply a selection of sleeping bags, double, single and children’s, along with pillows.  
For the home-from-home approach there is a range of camping furniture available which is particularly helpful for longer stays. This includes tables and chairs, storage solutions and clothes dryers. You just need to be sure the size of your tent can accommodate these luxury items.

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Remember, the adventure starts at BCH Camping!