The Bath Skyline Walk – the ideal solution for walkers and city slickers alikeyline Walk

At BCH Camping we have the perfect solution, and what’s more it’s just a stone’s throw from our stores (if you have mythical hero qualities). Ladies and gentlemen let us introduce to you (drum roll) the Bath Skyline walk.

What you need to know about the Bath Skyline walk

Owned by The National Trust, the Bath Skyline walk begins just a short distance from Bath city centre. This circular, dog-friendly walk is 6 miles long so it should take somewhere between 3.5 and 4 hours to complete. The Bath Skyline walk is classified as moderate so it should get those lungs and muscles working sufficiently hard to justify your spa treatment when you return to the bustling city.
The walk is clearly waymarked along the route and offers stunning views of Bath in all its World Heritage Site glory. You really are spoilt with your bird’s eye view of such architectural splendour that makes Bath a destination city. There is much to experience along the route, including tranquil woodland, the gardens of Prior Park, Sham Castle, deer, buzzards and butterflies, and giant anthills near Rainbow Wood.
Take note that you will encounter some steep sections and you will regularly find yourself climbing stiles, so sturdy footwear and a basic level of fitness is required. You should also be prepared to go through a lot of gates on this route!

The Bath Skyline walk route

To follow the anti-clockwise route, start on Bathwick Hill facing away from Cleveland Walk and take the path opposite you through some houses. Go through the gate and go left to walk diagonally across the field. After two more gates you will pass through Richens Orchard to another gate after which you should follow the track to the right. The next gate takes you down a slope and some steps to another gate at which you cross the road and climb uphill diagonally to the right.
We did warn you about the gates!
Go through – yes, another gate – into the opposite field to walk straight uphill to a flight of wooden steps that will lead you to your next gate. Head towards some houses diagonally left uphill and at the far corner take an immediate right after the gate to the road. Turn left uphill on the road and turn right after you pass the last house. This path will lead you uphill through the woods. When you reach the next gate, turn right and follow the path straight ahead and go through a gap in the wall that will take you across a field and onto a right bearing path away from the main track.
Go through the trees and across the junction of tracks to follow the steps down. When you reach the bottom turn left before the gate, keeping the railings on your right.
When you reach the gate turn left uphill to some playing fields. Take a right, keeping the fence on your left and hug the perimeter of the field until you get to the metal gate that leads to a gravel track. Proceed straight ahead, through another gate and into woodland. Keep going straight ahead across a private drive, a field on the left and more woodland. Follow the path to the right which will take you past an old quarry and onto some houses at the edge of the woodland.
Take a left at the gate, keeping the field boundary on your right. You will see your next gate on the right, after which you follow the path along the wall. You’ll reach a main road where you should turn left and then after 25 metres take the narrow footpath on the right. Continue straight on at the playing field and you will reach the RSPCA on your left.
Turn right when you reach the road, and 100 metres later take a left over a stone stile in the wall. After another 20 metres turn right where another path crosses. Go through the gate, turn left and carry on down the track. Keep going to the first corner of the field,  through the gate and go left across the field. At the corner where the field and woodland meet, go through the gate and across the field to follow the woodland edge on your right.
When you reach the end of the field, the gate will take you into Bathampton Woods. At the first fork go straight on and keep to the main trail through the woods. When you leave the woods continue straight on and then bear left, slightly uphill, towards the right of the TV masts. You will see woodland on the right and a golf course on the left. The path gradually takes you away from the woodland to join a track just to the right of the masts.
Keep on the track to the second gate on the right which will take you down into the woods. Be careful because the path drops very steeply as you go through the trees. Just before you reach the wire fence go left and continue on the path through the trees and up some wooden steps to a viewpoint by the stone pillars of the golf club driveway.

At this point you may want to make a short detour to Sham Castle, an 18th century folly, after which you should return to the route and go through the gate on the right of the stone pillars to follow the path downhill, keeping the field boundary on the left.
When you reach the bottom of the slope, go through the gate to the road which can be busy so take care. Turn right along the pavement to the footpath on the left between the field and a garden, and follow it downhill to Clevedon Walk. Turn left to Bathwick Hill and you have reached the end of the walk.

Everything you need to enjoy the Bath Skyline Walk

BCH Camping supply everything  you will need for walking the Bath Skyline. We stock all walking clothing, including trousers fleece jackets, down jackets, base layers, gloves, hats and waterproofs. We also supply a wide range of footwear including both leather and fabric walking boots. The Bath Skyline is perfect for picnics as there are many benches on route so a day sack would be perfect for carrying all the essentials.

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If you would like any advice, particularly if you’re a novice walker, please just get in touch. We can talk endlessly about walking and give tips and advice to make it a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. Remember, the adventure starts at BCH!