The Dometic Element table for al fresco dining and outdoor living

Hands up! What is your favourite thing about camping, or taking holidays in your caravan or motorhome around the UK? We suspect it may not be the weather… 

At BCH Camping, many of our customers tell us that what they enjoy most about their camping holidays is the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living, and that they particularly love dining al fresco. 

Eating outside a tent, caravan or motorhome, (or maybe under an awning attached to said tent, caravan or motorhome, protected from the rain) epitomises the outdoor living that our customers look forward to each summer. Eating socially outdoors is a great opportunity for quality family time, and not just at mealtimes. Sitting outside with a coffee and elevenses, or later in the evening with a tipple or two, helps everyone to relax, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy outdoor living.

Can you relate to these joyful holiday scenarios? If so, are you a camper who is fully prepared for indulging in al fresco dining and socialising, using all the outdoor kit you can fit into your vehicle? Or do you arrive at the campsite, look around at other campers with all their dining furniture and kitchen gear, and immediately get camping equipment envy?

Fear not! If you fall into the second camp (excuse the pun) BCH Camping supply a comprehensive range of outdoor furniture and equipment for you to maximise your camping experience, regardless of whether you are holidaying in a tent, caravan or motorhome. For the purists out there, this isn’t about glamping! This is about having the equipment to savour the lifestyle the great outdoors can offer.

Search the BCH Camping website for cookers and stoves, kitchen equipment and camping furniture including tables and chairs, to create the perfect outdoor dining facilities. Cooking your own food on holiday is not only an authentic camping experience, it is also far more cost-effective than dining out or ordering takeaways. And, of course, this is more important now than ever before.

The Dometic Element table offers the ideal al fresco dining experience

The Dometic Element table is a versatile medium sized table that is perfect for eating outdoors. Its lightweight aluminium frame makes it easy to carry and transport, and to be quickly set up or folded down. In changeable weather, this really is a bonus! The waterproof resin tabletop means that leaving the table out when it unexpectedly begins to rain isn’t too much of a concern. It also makes it more durable than many tables giving you prolonged service over many holidays.

The height-adjustable legs and weight-spreading feet allow the Dometic Element table to be steady on uneven ground. Given that not all pitches are perfect, this alleviates concerns about losing food and utensils to unsuspecting pets! It also means that the table can be used away from the campsite on days out too, without having to worry about finding perfectly flat ground to eat.

Specification of the Dometic Element table

Adjustable Height: 55cm - 71cm

Tabletop size: 60cm x 80cm

Packed size: 60cm x 80cm x 6cm

Maximum load: 30kg

Table Weight: 4.99kg

Being able to withstand 30kg of weight tells you that although the Dometic Element table is portable and lightweight, it is a durable, well-designed table that will last a long time. Its quality and value for money explains why it is a BCH Camping best-selling product. 

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