The Meindl Capri Sandal is the perfect choice for summer

As we saunter or skip into the summer holiday season, depending on your enthusiasm for all things high summer, our walking and hiking wardrobe and footwear preferences change.

Let us ask you this. Do you have a pair of sandals in your hiking repertoire? Maybe a bit controversial this early in a blog to ask such a defining question, but we need to get to the point on this one to maybe bust some myths and manage the testosterone-infused gasps.

Yes, sandals are real contenders in the hiking wardrobe, and if you think this is going to be a debate about whether you should wear socks with sandals I’m afraid you are about to be disappointed. It’s not.

We know that BCH Camping customers are people of the world and won’t be frightened by the idea of replacing walking boots with sandals while the weather is (supposedly) good enough. It therefore won’t surprise you to learn that we have the ideal sandals for a wide range of activities: the Meindl Capri Sandals for both men and women.

Meindl Capri Sandals

In men’s sizes, at BCH Camping we stock Meindl Capri Sandals in dark brown, and for the women’s Meindl Capri Sandals the colour is natural.

Meindl are known for the build quality of their footwear, and this no different for their Capri Sandals. They are made from tough materials and offer great all-round strength and durability.

The high quality nubuck leather uppers are lined with padded neoprene which is a waterproof material generally used as a substitute for rubber. Why do the sandals need to be waterproof, the quick-thinking amongst you may ask? Because the combination of the nubuck leather and the neoprene makes the sandals comfortable against the skin and allows them to dry quickly after being exposed to water.

For support and comfort, the non-slip footbed is sculpted to the imprint of your foot with channels that allow air to reach the soles of your feet. This is particularly welcome on very hot days. The footplate provides exceptional grip to stop the foot from sliding around in hot weather.

The outer sole is chunky enough to deal with the impact of rough ground and the straps are fully adjustable and breathable. The sandal sole has an EVA soft step wedge which is more lightweight, robust and shock-absorbent than rubber.

Meindl say that their Capri sandals are ideal for “trails and paths, beach walks, amphibious adventures, hot summer weather and daily leisure use.” They have graded the sandals as Grade M (multi activity) which states that the Capri sandals are good quality multi-purpose shoes. Bit of an all-rounder then!

How to care for Meindl Capri Sandals

conditioning and proofing spray will protect the nubuck leather without changing the appearance or breathability of the sandals. Treat the sandals when they’re not quite dry to keep them supple. Applying a small quantity of wax to the hooks and eyelets will stop them corroding.

Are sandals a suitable alternative to walking shoes or boots?

When the weather is particularly warm, walking boots or shoes can feel very heavy and make you unnecessarily hot. Your feet can also feel sweaty in walking socks. None of this is a good look or ideal for enjoying a long walk.

If you’re taking on high alpine trails or challenging technical routes or carrying any weight that requires substantial ankle support, you just need to put up with hot feet, although the BCH Camping team can advise you on the most breathable and lightweight walking shoes or boots to buy for these activities.

When it comes to less intense hikes, however, in good conditions walking sandals are the answer. Sandals like the Meindl Capri sandals that have been manufactured to a high build standard have adequate toe protection and soles for walks on all manner of terrain. Your feet will feel cool, making you more energised during the hike.
Amongst other uses, walking sandals are perfect for:
  • Walks with regular water crossings. You don’t need to take them off because they will dry quickly.
  • Coastal walks.
  • Clifftop walks.
  • Holidays in tropical climates. They are lightweight, so pack easily.
  • General leisure use.

What to look for in walking sandals

When shopping for walking sandals it’s advisable to look for soles with a strong grip. Deep lugs underneath and a moulded footbed on top considerably enhance the grip.

Adjustable straps around the heel and across the foot that don’t move and therefore keep your foot in place are key to giving you confidence that your feet are protected from slipping. If the straps use Velcro to adjust them, you have more chance of achieving a snug fit.

As when choosing boots or shoes, be sure that your sandals don’t pinch which will make them too uncomfortable, or are too big so your foot is not adequately wrapped and protected.

Brands like Meindl invest heavily in technology and testing. Don’t be fooled into thinking that cheaper sandals will be OK. It’s a false economy as many won’t last more than a few hikes. A good quality pair of walking sandals can be kept for many years so they offer an excellent return on investment.

Can we help?

The team at BCH Camping can give you great advice on all aspects of footwearclothing and backpack travel essentials to prepare you for hiking and walking in all weathers.

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