The Meindl Mondello Mid GTX walking boot

Choosing the walking boots that best suit your needs should be given as much time and planning as when purchasing trainers and fashion footwear. If not more.
In fact, your walking boots have a multitude of jobs to do whilst on your feet, so it would be rather short-sighted to select a pair without considering how well those jobs need to be done.
Aesthetics should be at the bottom of the list when considering what kind of walking boots to buy, although brands have done much in recent years to meet the demand of those wanting boots that do the job but still look good.

Where to start when choosing walking boots?

What kind of terrain and conditions do you need walking boots for?
How often are you prepared to replace your walking boots? How durable do you need them to be?
Do you need leather or fabric boots?
Note the focus on ‘need’. For example, you might prefer leather boots, but will they provide the flexibility and comfort you need? Yes folks, purchasing walking boots is serious business.
A favourite at BCH Camping is the Meindl Mondello Mid GTX walking boot. 

The Meindl Mondello Mid GTX walking boot

The Meindl Mondello Mid GTX walking bootThe Meindl Mondello Mid GTX, available in men’s and women’s sizes from BCH Camping, is a nippy all-rounder that provides comfort for everyday walking on paved paths and is robust enough for more challenging hikes.
Offering durability, flexibility, comfort and protection, the lightweight Meindl Mondello Mid GTX boot has a lot to offer both regular and occasional walkers.
Feast your eyes on this impressive set of features:
  • GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort lining offers optimal heat retention to keep feet dry and comfortable under challenging conditions and activities
  • Waterproof. The GORE-TEX® membrane inside ensures water cannot penetrate through the shoe
  • Construction
    • Upper: suede leather with abrasion protection, polyester, polyurethane, natural and synthetic textiles
    • Lining: polyester, polyamide, ePTFE (Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene/Teflon), natural and synthetic textiles
    • Sole: rubber, polyurethane, EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), and miscellaneous material
  • Wider Comfort-Fit® than the standard Meindl fit, providing more toe space
  • Variofix®, controlled by the lacing, improves the fit in the ankle and heel area, providing optimum heel hold
  • The Air-Active® Wellness Sport insole is anatomically shaped and breathable
  • EVA cushioning for added comfort
  • Meindl Multi Trail Comfort profile sole with smooth rolling action provides excellent grip
  • Minimal lines of stitching to maintain durability
  • Mesh fabric tongue
  • Weight: 460g women’s, 920g men’s.

And good-looking to boot!

From BCH Camping, the Women’s Meindl Mondello Mid GTX boot is available in Jeans/Turquoise colourway, while the Men’s Meindl Mondello Mid GTX boot is available in Black Anthracite.
The suede and mesh upper, and colour-matching lacing system provide the styling to make this boot a popular choice for those who want to look good while on daily activities and when hiking.
Meanwhile, the rubber overlay on the toe box and heel counter protects the outer from scuffing.

Why choose mid-cut walking boots

The Meindl Mondello is a mid-cut boot. Generally, there are two types of walking boot styles: mid and high. You might hear of a low-cut boot, but essentially that will be a shoe that doesn’t provide the necessary support against ankle injuries during more challenging activities.
A mid-cut boot protects your ankles and provides balance and support to the rest of the foot. The advantage of a mid-cut boot to a high-cut boot is the flexibility it provides.

Caring for your Meindl Mondello boots

It is important to regularly care for your boots. The Meindl Conditioner and Proofer is an easy-to-use spray that maintains the waterproofness of your boots without changing their appearance and breathability. It can be used on leather, nubuck and fabric boots.

Why choose fabric walking boots?

The Meindl Mondello is made of a combined construction of suede leather, fabric and synthetic textiles so it is considered to be a fabric walking boot.
Fabric walking boots are suitable for all types of hiking. From paved and coastal paths to alpine use, the flexibility of fabric boots will serve you well. Being lightweight, fabric walking boots are an ideal choice for perhaps less experienced walkers undertaking infrequent activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. They’re also a popular choice for the Ten Tors Challenge.
There is less breaking-in required for fabric walking boots, and they generally tend to be cheaper than full leather boots. Fabric walking boots are easier to take care of than leather boots, needing just a brush-off of excess dirt and a spray with a conditioner and proofer.
All BCH Camping fabric walking boots have a GORE-TEX® membrane that makes them 100% waterproof and completely breathable.

Free boot-fitting service at BCH Camping

At BCH Camping we provide a free boot-fitting service. Your boots must fit correctly to avoid rubbing and ensure your own safety. You need to be sure that your boots fit your feet correctly and won’t be loose when negotiating challenging terrain. Our staff will be happy to help you choose the best boots for your fit and needs.
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