The Meindl Response Mid GTX Boot for uneven terrain

When you feel the urge to get away from it all (whatever ‘it’ may be), being a friend of BCH Camping we suspect your preference would be to go walking across our fabulous British landscapes.

A jaunt down dales, across valleys and up hills does wonders for the soul. With the breeze gently caressing your face (as long as it’s not blowing a hooley) and the chorus of birdsong awakening your senses (away from busy roads), there is no better tonic than a good hike.

But what about your feet? Would they agree? Given the opportunity, would they declare that all is well as they’re relentlessly pounded on the ground and expected to deal with sudden changes in terrain? Your feet have a lot going on when walking – they hold you up, protect your lower limbs and get you to where you want to be. Feet matter!

Taking into account the demands on our feet when walking, Meindl created the Respond Mid GORE-TEX walking boot. Happy feet make happy walkers. Assuming you’re keen to keep your feet in the manner to which they’d like to become accustomed, here is an introduction to the Meindl Respond Mid GORE-TEX walking boot.

The Meindl Respond Mid GORE-TEX walking boot

We say walking ‘boot’, but actually the Meindl Respond could be described as something between a shoe and a boot. Maybe a ‘shoot’? Maybe not. But you get the idea. It looks more like a shoe, but it has the ankle protection that you’d expect from a boot. As such you get the benefit of the extra protection of a boot alongside the flexibility of a shoe.

The extra ankle support is particularly beneficial when walking on uneven terrain. Whereas a shoe may not respond as instinctively to sudden terrain changes, the Meindl Respond will keep the ankle secure and help steer you across the ground more effectively.

The Meindl Respond Mid GTX walking boot is available in graphite red in men’s sizes 8 – 12, and also in women’s sizes 4 – 8 in anthracite turquoise.

Features of the Meindl Respond Mid GTX walking boot

Sustainable Meindl sole unit

Meindl are proactive when it comes to minimising the environmental impact of their manufacturing, without having to compromise on the quality of their products.

The Meindl sole unit has a deep profile for exceptional grip and stability. It is made from 22% recycled rubber by using rubber offcuts from the production process which reduces the use of raw materials and their transportation. This makes the Meindl Respond a robust, durable boot that offers a genuinely sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious walkers.

Sporty design

Increasingly, the styling of walking footwear crosses with the design of on-trend sports shoes. The sleek, sporty design of the Meindl Respond makes this a boot that can be worn for many different purposes, not just hikes on tricky terrain. Made from velour leather and mesh, the construction is in-keeping with fashionable high-end trainers (which are mostly purchased without any intention of running!).

GORE-TEX lining

GORE-TEX is lightweight, waterproof and breathable. It is a fabric membrane that makes the shoe waterproof, keeping your feet dry and comfortable by allowing moisture to escape. GORE-TEX is advanced technology found on a wide range of footwear, designed for activities and hikes of any distance, regardless of the weather conditions.

Air-Active footbed

Like a mattress for your foot (remember, each foot matters!), the air-active footbed is a cushioned, high-wicking insole that absorbs the moisture in your boots by pulling it away from the foot while walking. This provides added comfort in all conditions.

Other features

  • Cupped heel stabiliser
  • Toe protector
  • Weight: 410g per boot

Care of the Meindl Respond Mid GTX boot

It is advisable to use conditioning and proofing sprays to keep the nubuck leather and suede of the Meindl Respond protected. The treatment is best applied when the uppers aren’t quite dry to ensure they remain supple.

An extra level of care is the application of wax to the hooks and eyelets to protect them from corrosion.

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