The Merrell Moab Adventure 3 walking shoe for all day comfort


When choosing footwear for hiking or trekking it is essential that you select the most suitable shoes or boots for the type of walking you are doing and the terrain you will be on.

The less experienced walker might assume that a hiking boot is required for all walking to protect the feet, ankles and lower legs. However, it is often the case that a walking shoe is a better choice for achieving the required performance on some terrains, without compromising on protection.

If you intend to do uphill walking across difficult, uneven terrain a waterproof walking boot would be a sensible choice. If, however, you plan to walk long distances or take short daily walks on flat, even ground, a walking shoe will provide greater flexibility and be perfectly adequate.

At BCH Camping we’re proud to work with leading brands in hiking footwear, one of which is Merrell. In the Merrell Moab Adventure 3 walking shoe, Merrell have designed the ideal product for trekking coastal paths, established trails, low level routes and general day wear.

Merrell’s Moab collection

Moab stands for mother of all boots! The Morrell Moab collection of walking boots and shoes was first brought to market in 2006. The concept was based on a multi-purpose sports shoe that would deliver exceptional performance when running and hiking trails in a range of weather conditions.

Now offering a range of boots and shoes, the Moab trademark is very much associated with a snug fit over the instep and footbed that locks the foot comfortably in place while providing the toe box with plenty of room so that the feet don’t feel cramped.

Moab footwear incorporate a Vibram sole that offers consistent quality in tread, traction, durability and comfort. Premium suede and mesh combine to provide the high quality upper while the kinetic fit base technology gives a natural flex when the shoe meets different terrains. The foot is supported by durable materials throughout the design of the shoe.

The men’s Merrell Moab Adventure 3 walking shoe

The main features of the Merrell Moab Adventure 3 walking shoe are:

  • Vibram TC5+ rubber sole
  • Waterproof membrane that is a high performance barrier against water ingress while also allowing moisture to escape
  • Waterproof full grain leather upper
  • Merrell Air Cushion in the heel for absorbing shock and providing stability
  • Moulded nylon arch shank for additional support
  • Super Rebound Compound for shock absorption in the heel that reduces torque (rotation) and facilitates a smooth transition into the midfoot.

Recycled elements of the Merrell Moab Adventure 3 walking shoe

Merrell advocate the design of products that are ‘made with the outdoors in mind’. Sustainability is a key area of concern for the brand.

To this end, the Merrell Moab Adventure 3 walking shoe is made with the following recycled elements:

  • 100% recycled laces and webbing
  • 100% recycled microfibre lining
  • 100% recycled mesh lined removable PU insole

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