The perfect mid-layer for changing conditions: the Rab Conduit Pull-On

The weather in Blighty likes to keep us guessing. It can be quite frustrating when planning a hike with the weather forecast to be bitterly cold, only to find that temperatures rise while you’re on said hike and you end up too hot and sweaty. We’ll leave that lovely image with you for the moment!

Of course, the answer to this is a strategically planned, first class layering system. At BCH Camping we always advise our customers to layer up so that they can instantly react to any changes in temperature or conditions. In fact, we think layering is so helpful to anyone exercising in the great outdoors that we wrote a blog about the art of layering!

In this article we are featuring the Rab Conduit Pull-On which is an ideal mid-layer, available in both the men’s and women’s range.

Before we go into too much detail, let’s recap on how a layering system helps and where a mid-layer fits in.

The benefits of layering

The three main elements of a layering system are:
  • A baselayer which can be a top, leggings or thermal liner to be worn next to the skin. The job of a baselayer is to regulate your body temperature.
  • Your mid-layer is usually a fleece or shell. It traps your body heat and allows sweat to move through the layering system.
  • The outer layer is a shell that protects you from bad weather and/or cold temperatures while enabling sweat to leave the layering system.
The idea of a layering system is that you either set off wearing one or two of the layers and carry the remaining layer(s) with you, or your initially wear all three layers and carry a rucksack to store any layers you remove during the hike. This might sound fairly obvious, but the devil is in the detail, and that usually comes down to your chosen fabrics.

Wicking and breathability

When choosing your layers you need to take into account wicking and breathability.
It is essential when wearing layers of clothing that the fabrics are breathable, otherwise you could overheat and produce too much sweat. Breathability also allows air to travel through the fabric to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy.

Wicking is how moisture, including sweat, is drawn away from the body to evaporate on the outer fabric. Exercise gear is now so technologically advanced that a vast majority of items have wicking properties.
Cotton has no wicking properties. Instead it soaks your sweat in and leaves it against your body, making your fabric wet and leaving you cold. This is why cotton clothing is not ideal for exercising.

As we said, getting your layering choices right is essential to making the entire system work.

The Rab Conduit Pull-On for your layering system

The Rab Conduit Pull-On is a fleece mid-layer, although it is soft enough against the skin to be worn on its own without a baselayer.

‘Conduit’ means a passage for water to move through, so Rab have come up with the perfect name for this versatile pull-on mid-layer fleece, as it wicks away moisture from the body. Fleece is durable, affordable and dries quickly, all of which make it the ideal mid-layer.

Designed for mountain ascents in cold temperatures, the Rab Conduit Pull-On is made from 92% recycled Thermic™ G fleece. The high level of recycled material makes this a good environmental choice.

The Rab Conduit Pull-On is a lightweight gridded fleece with speedy wicking properties for warmth and vital insulation. The double layer collar keeps the wind off your neck while the deep front zip allows the air to flow during the challenging sections of your hike or climb.

The fabric of the Rab Conduit Pull-On is stretchy so offers a superb range of movement including a set in sleeve construction with an underarm panel for easy arm raising.

From BCH Camping, the men’s Rab Conduit Pull-On is available in the Ink colourway, and the women’s Rab Conduit Pull-On is available in Patriot Blue.

Features of the Rab Conduit Pull-On

  • Slim fit
  • Flatlocked seams to provide improved comfort
  • Dropped hem provides greater warmth on the lower back
  • 92% Recycled Polyester, 8% Elastane
  • Thermic™ G (160gsm) Grid backer recycled polyester fleece
  • Weight for a men’s medium is 215g
  • Weight for a women’s size 10 is 178g

Sizing guide

These are body measurements alongside the corresponding fleece size

Men’s Rab Conduit Pull-On

Rab Size               Chest    Waist    Sleeve
S                              94cm     76cm     83cm
M                            102cm   81cm     86cm
L                              109cm   86cm     89cm
XL                           117cm   91cm     91cm

Women’s Rab Conduit Pull-On

Rab Size               Chest    Waist    Sleeve  Hips
10                           89cm     72cm     70cm     94cm
12                           94cm     76cm     72cm     99cm
14                           99cm     81cm     74cm     104cm
16                           104cm   86cm     76cm     109cm

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