The Sea to Summit ultralight self-inflating mat for long distance hikes

Autumn is the perfect time for long distance hikes. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cool. Hikers enjoy the prospect of stepping out on long distance walks during autumn that might include overnight camping or prolonged rest with the opportunity for a nap.

At BCH Camping our customers tell us that a lightweight mat is the essential hiking companion for such adventures. Whilst you need as much comfort as possible to get enough sleep, you don’t want to carry unnecessary weight. Any camping equipment and sleeping kit should be kept to a minimum.

The Sea to Summit ultralight self-inflating mat is the perfect solution for both relaxation and carrying low weight. As a rolled down pack it fits snugly into your backpack. As a sleeping mat it provides enhanced comfort to aid a more restful sleep than many other sleeping mats. Let’s find out why.

The design and technology that makes the Sea to Summit mat ultralight, comfortable and warm

A graduated pattern of vertical Delta Cores™

Sea to Summit have used pressure-mapping data to define body contact areas. This data has been used to create the brand’s graduated pattern of vertical Delta Cores™.
  • The design of the Sea to Summit ultralight mat keeps the contact zones insulated and cushioned. In areas of the mat where there is body contact with the shoulders, hips and feet, there are smaller vertical cores to add comfort and keep you warm.
  • Larger vertical Delta Cores, which have been created by removing 20% of the polyurethane (PU) foam, are found in non-body contact areas to reduce the weight of the mat and make it more packable.

The Sea to Summit ultralight self-inflating mat fabric

The surface of the Sea to Summit ultralight self-inflating mat is made of a lightweight and quiet 30 denier polyester with extrusion laminated TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). This creates a bond strength that minimises the chance of delamination.

The anti-slip print on the fabric sticks the mat to the floor of the tent to keep it in place while you sleep, which is particularly useful when it is necessary to camp on sloping ground.

Multi-function high flow-rate valve

The multi-function inflation valve is a tiny, low-profile unit that accommodates all of this functionality:
  • a large intake port for easy inflation and superfast deflation
  • a fine-tune button to adjust the pressure
  • a one-way deflate port that restricts airflow back into the mat when you’re in the process of rolling the mat to pack it down
  • a rapid air-dump deflate port that reduces the amount of time it takes to pack down.

PillowLock™ system

The Sea to Summit self-inflating ultralight mat comes with the brand’s PillowLock™ system, designed to keep your Sea to Summit pillow in place while you sleep.

Vital statistics of the Sea to Summit ultralight self-inflating mat

  • The pack down size of the mat is just 13 x 26cm
  • It weighs 550g
  • The mat is 2.5cm thick / deep
  • The width of the mat is 51cm
  • Open, the mat is 183cm long
  • The Sea to Summit ultralight self-inflating mat provides an impressive warmth to weight ratio. The R-value (thermal resistance) is 2.6 making the mat perfect for three season use.

Included with a Sea to Summit ultralight self-inflating mat

  • Stuff sack
  • Puncture repair kit

Sea to Summit ultralight pillows

BCH Camping stock two Sea to Summit ultralight pillows.

The Aeros regular ultralight pillow is light, compact and comfortable. The 20 denier laminated polyester pillow can be easily packed into a small stuff sack. The scalloped bottom edge centres the pillow over your shoulders regardless of how you are sleeping: on your back, on your side or in a chair.

This pillow can be inflated with just a couple of breaths. It is 35 x 26 x 12cm in size and weighs 60g.
For a more luxurious feel for hikes where carrying weight isn’t as much of a concern, the 79g Aeros premium pillow is the ideal choice. The construction of the case allows the outer shell to remain ultra-soft while being supported by a high strength TPU bladder. The synthetic fill between the bladder and the case wicks away perspiration while the curved internal baffles create welcome contours that cradle your head. The Aeros premium pillow has the same scalloped bottom edge as the ultralight pillow.

Who are Sea to Summit?

Sea to Summit is an Australian company founded by Roland Tyson in 1991. Roland tested his light and durable equipment inventions in the Australian outback and the Himalayas.

Penny Sanderson joined Roland in 1993 following six years of working for Australian Geographic. Together they spent several months each year climbing, sailing, trekking, overlanding and biking to test their products and their designs.

Sea to Summit is now a highly respected global brand, still managed by Roland and Penny.

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