The speedy all-rounder in women’s footwear: The Merrell MQM 3 GTX

When a leading footwear brand uses a phrase like ‘multitool of footwear’ to describe a shoe, you know they’re presenting a trailblazing product that demands your attention. At BCH Camping we supply products from many leading outdoor brands, including Merrell who used this phrase to describe one of their most popular shoes.

The Merrell MQM 3 GTX women’s multitool of footwear is the brand’s best-selling and most versatile shoe; a lightweight all-rounder for hiking, trail running and scrambling. Merrell first introduced the MQM range in 2018. It was very well received, particularly by fell runners and speedy hikers, which is no surprise when you learn that MQM stands for Moving Quickly in the Mountains!

As with all great brands, Morrell didn’t rest on their laurels. Instead they worked to improve the shoe, and the MQM 3 GTX is, as you may have already guessed, their third iteration of this shoe, released in 2022.

The Merrell MQM 3 GTX women’s shoe

The Merrell MQM 3 GTX women’s shoe has stability, agility and durability at the core of its design. The combination of these three crucial attributes is what makes the MQM 3 the ideal choice for many different activities including hiking, running and scrambling.

The original shoe was developed by Merrell’s designers in conjunction with three mountain athletes who asked for a shoe that would enable them to move swiftly, regardless of whether they were running up, over or down mountains. To meet the specification, Merrell developed new technologies and worked in collaboration with GORE-TEX® to create the Merrell MQM GTX shoe.
Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of the Merrell MQM 3 GTX women’s shoe and find out what’s new in the third iteration.

Features of the Merrell MQM 3 GTX women’s shoe

  • GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane
The GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane provides superior and lightweight weather protection. Waterproofing is provided through the nine billion pores found in each square inch of the membrane. Each pore is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, so rain and snow cannot penetrate the shoe.

In addition to being waterproof, the GORE-TEX® membrane is also breathable and windproof. The billions of pores allow your sweat to escape while also stopping wind getting into the shoe and causing a chill.
  • Breathable mesh and TPU upper
Just like the GORE-TEX® membrane, the mesh and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) upper is also breathable.
  • 100% recycled laces and webbing
Merrell have publicised their goal for all products to include recycled, organic or renewable materials by 2025. The recycled laces and webbing on the MQM 3 reflect their work toward that target.
  • Bellows tongue
The bellows, or wide folding, tongue prevents debris from entering the shoe.
  • 100% recycled mesh lining
The 100% recycled mesh lining makes the shoe feel extremely comfortable.
  • NXT treated
The shoe is Cleansport NXT™ treated for natural odour control.
  • 50% recycled removable EVA foam footbed and midsole
The EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam insole and midsole provide much needed support for speed across a range of terrains.
  • Molded nylon arch shank
A shank is the load-bearing section between the insole and outsole of a shoe. Merrell’s molded nylon arch shank provides the firmness needed for challenging, sure-footed trails.
  • Merrell Air Cushion
This has been applied to the heel to absorb shock and increase stability.
  • Super Rebound Compound
The Super Rebound Compound provides further shock absorption that reduces torque (unwelcome rotation).
  • Vibram® TC5+ outsole
Formulated exclusively for Morrell, the Vibram® TC5+ outsole offers impressive traction for multisport activities.
  • Weight
Impressively lightweight at 542g.

What’s new for the 3rd iteration of the Morrell MQM GTX women’s shoe?

The latest adaptation of the Morrell MQM GTX shoe includes a new Vibram® sole and a lace-to-toe system.

Vibram® sole

Vibram® created the first rubber lug sole which is basically a sole made from rubber compounds with a deep tread. Rather than using standard rubber, the compounds are treated to either be hardened (vulcanised rubber for extreme conditions such as rocky hikes and freezing temperatures) or softened (for pliable climbing shoes and such like).

The Vibram® sole is the perfect addition to the Merrell MQM GTX shoe because it provides the grip and versatility required for a lightweight shoe that is used for a range of different activities.

Lace-to-toe system

A lace-to-toe lacing system adds more rigidity to the toe box, preventing the toes from flexing further than they should. It also spreads the lace tension across a larger area, providing additional support to the foot without having to tighten the shoe or boot too much around the ankle.

A shoe for all occasions

The added benefit of the Morrell MQM 3 GTX women’s shoe is that it is so lightweight that it can be worn in everyday life on your commute, leisurely walks or in the gym, which provides even more of a return on investment.

From BCH Camping the fuchsia/burgundy colourway is a combination of bright, fun colours that would make an impact in any social setting. For men, we also stock the Merrell MQM mid boot in olive.

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