The Vango Jura Drive Away Inflatable Awning

this summer’s must-have outdoor living space for campers on the move

For reasons that nobody asked for, 2020 will be the year of the staycation. Given the health issues around staying in hotels, cottages and B&Bs, camping is likely to become the accommodation of choice: not just for seasoned campers, but also for families new to living in a field for the duration of their holiday.
Such changes mean that those of us lucky enough to own a campervan or motorhome will probably find themselves using it more than usual this year. The annual holiday abroad may be replaced by a longer, or second UK holiday. Because of the unpredictable weather, long weekends may be preferred over lengthy UK vacations. Whatever the reason for rolling out the campervan or motorhome, convenience and luxury will inevitably climb the holiday priority list.
One luxury that tends to be at the top of the mobile home enthusiast’s list is space. The bijou ambiance of a campervan or motorhome can lose its appeal when being used more regularly, or for longer periods of time, as cabin fever sets in. An awning offers much needed additional space, while providing extra privacy and security. Many van campers are put off using an awning, however, due to misconceptions around the amount of time it takes to erect and take down each day, or that an awning is annoyingly fiddly and too much hassle.
The solution to such concerns lies in the increasingly popular inflatable drive away awning.

What is a drive away awning?

A drive away awning is a freestanding, lightweight, easy to pitch structure that creates extra living space for a campervan or motorhome. They remain in situ, just like a tent, when using the vehicle for transport during the day, and they’re available in different heights for vehicle compatibility.
Drive away awnings can be inflatable or traditional with poles. An inflatable drive away awning has tubes that run through the awning which, when inflated to a specified pressure level, are filled with air to form a rigid, structural frame.

What are the benefits of an inflatable drive away awning?

There has been a significant move by campervan and motorhome owners away from traditional style drive away awnings towards inflatables. Given that inflatables are more expensive, the benefits must far outweigh the costs:
  • Easy assembly
All you need to do is inflate the awning, no messing around with poles.
  • Speedy
Inflating an awning is much quicker than assembling one with poles, so you can avoid the panic of having to erect the awning before the rain comes down!
  • Single user
A person on their own is far more likely to be able to set up an inflatable awning than they would a traditional awning that involves threading poles and making sure that the guylines are well strung out
  • More robust in bad weather
The lack of poles enables the inflatable awning to flex with the wind, whereas the frame of a traditional awning is likely to become damaged.
  • All-in-one design
There are no parts to lose or forget
  • Safety
An inflatable awning doesn’t carry the risk people being injured, or vehicles being damaged by poles (you’d be surprised!).

Vango Jura drive away awnings

At BCH Camping, we stock the 2020 Vango Jura Tall Drive Away Awning and the 2020 Vango Jura Low Drive Away Awning. The Vango Jura Tall will fit camper vans and motorhomes with a height of between 245cm - 295cm, while the Vango Jura Low will fit those with a height between 180cm - 210cm.

Main features of the Vango Jura drive away awnings

Vango-Jura-Tall-2020-Floor-Plan.jpgThe Vango Jura drive away awnings benefit from the Inflatable AirBeam® Structure, allowing them to inflate and deflate in minutes by using the pump supplied. The sewn-in, low weight and highly durable Oxford Polyester ground sheet is attached to the flysheet, with an external storm skirt to provide a bug and draught free environment.
The Sentinel Signature polycotton fabric of the awnings makes them much cooler in hot weather, and therefore ideal for continental use. But what about their performance in our changeable UK weather? The awnings offer impressive performance in adverse conditions, especially in strong, changeable winds. When tensioned, the bands are held to the beam at 3 points, thereby preventing sideways movement. 
Unlike polyester, the polycotton fabric of the awnings doesn’t expand when wet, and is more durable. There is an easy to use roll away tunnel attachment for detaching the awning from the vehicle. Not only does the tunnel provide a handy storage area, it also has two doors in the tunnel for easy access to the front or back of your vehicle.

Additional features of the Vango Jura drive away inflatable awning

  • SkyTrack II®, which is a flexible hanging system for attaching lighting, storage or SkyLiners (internal layers that reduce the effects of condensation by creating a thermal barrier)
  • High visibility guylines with tidies to prevent tripping hazards and ensure stability in high winds
  • Adjustable pegging system for pitching perfectly on uneven surfaces
  • Skylight windows
  • Zipped privacy curtains
  • AirZone high and low level ventilation panels that create a comfortable flow of air throughout the awning, and reduce condensation
  • Multiple vehicle compatible attachment methods. Both awnings are supplied with pre-attached 6mm piping (known as a Kador Strip), 8 metre over-vehicle attachment straps, roof bar attachment tabs and a sleeve for a pole and clamp kit system
  • Storm straps which provide additional stability for the awning in strong winds
  • Cable entry point that neatly feeds electrical cables into the awning.

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