The Vango Vesta Air 850XL tent for holidays with family and friends

The summer holidays are fast approaching. At BCH Camping we’re focused on helping our customers
look forward to cost-effective holidays, camping in the UK and beyond.

Yes, it’s ‘Chirpy Central’ here! Holiday vibes all around. Although we’re all affected by the increase in
the cost of living, we want to spread positivity and help our customers get away on fantastic
camping holidays within a realistic budget.

Over Easter it was great to welcome families to our shops, all looking forward to getting away, either
for weekends or further ahead on their summer holidays. We have also seen an increase in groups of
friends, ditching the idea of expensive holidays in hotels and thinking more about the fun of camping
and how it can save them so much money.

At BCH Camping we offer expert advice about camping holidays and provide a wide range of
products that will enhance the camping experience. Central to a successful camping holiday is the
accommodation! An investment in a good quality tent will facilitate numerous holidays over coming
What should you look for in a tent?
There are many considerations when purchasing a tent. Here are the primary factors that will
influence your choice of tent.
 Size – does it accommodate the number of people in your party, and does it give you the
amount of living room you need?
 Layout – what kind of layout will suit you best? Vis-à-vis, tunnel, frame, dome, pod,

 Waterproof – sorry to ‘dampen’ your spirits, but this is the UK after all!
 Durable – you need a tent that you can use for years to come and therefore gives you a
cracking return on investment.

If you’re a family or group of friends in need of a tent that will serve you well, we can recommend
the highly popular 2023 Vango Vesta Air 850XL.
The Vango Vesta Air 850XL
The Vango Vesta Air 850XL sleeps 8. It is an AirBeam® tent which means it uses Vango’s air inflation
technology to pitch within minutes, and its structure is held in place by air beams rather than poles.

It has a vis-à-vis layout with two bedrooms at each end of the tent, ‘face-to-face’ with the opposite
bedrooms, with the living area in between. This layout is ideal for families. If there are two families
of four, each family can occupy one end of the tent. Alternatively, children can sleep at one end of
the tent together while adults have their own space at the other end.

The generously proportioned central living area can serve a multitude of uses: a relaxing social
space, somewhere to eat, a place for storage, a space for children to play in. Some vis-à-vis tents are
quite dark in the living area because of the positioning of doors and windows, but the Vango Vesta
Air 850XL has large panoramic windows and skylights that create a bright and airy central space.
Zipped skylight curtains are provided to block out the light if required.

BCH Camping only supply products from reputable brands. Vango are at the forefront of camping
products, and are always finding ways to improve on existing products to make them longer lasting
and more functional. For 2023, the Vango Vesta Air 850XL has an additional groundsheet protector
which will extend the lifespan of the groundsheet and therefore the tent.

For pitching, Vango’s new AirBeam S.I Pro® technology is an improved single point inflation system
to make pitching easy. The pitching time is just 10 minutes. The flysheets and inners pitch together
to save time and hassle. For anyone new to camping, the process couldn’t be easier. You lay out the
base of the tent and peg it to the ground, and them pump the tent up from one point and guy the
tent out. You can even use an electric pump do it for you. When it comes to deflating the tent, there
are multiple deflation points to make it a speedy process.

So what about your protection against, shall we say ‘challenging’ weather? The Vesta Air’s 70 denier
Sentinel Eco Dura Fabric is waterproof and lightweight. It has a HH (hydrostatic head) rating of 4000,
meaning a column of water standing on the tent would need to reach 4000ml before penetrating
the fabric. This is twice the 2000 HH standard required to stop heavy rain and driving wind from
penetrating a tent.

For the eco-conscious, you will be delighted to know that the fabric is made from single-use waste
plastic which demonstrates Vango’s commitment to the innovation of environmentally friendly
products. In fact, the Vesta is part of Vango’s new Eco Dura collection of products that are
particularly environmentally friendly and durable. The Dura method of weaving increases the
strength of the fabric without increasing the thickness of the thread.

Vango’s Midnight bedrooms reduce exposure to the early morning light and offer great breathability
to help you avoid waking up with the sunrise. The Midnight bedroom fabric creates a darker inner
tent. In the daytime the feature windows let the light in.

The flow of air through a tent is important to make it comfortable to live in and to reduce the
chances of condensation building up. The Vango Vesta Air has ventilation panels in high and low
positions throughout the tent. Both doors have blinds that can be zipped down to increase the
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