Your high performance jacket for challenging outdoor pursuits: the Paramo Velez Evolution Hybrid Smock

Are you a woman who’s always on the lookout for the next outdoor adventure? Maybe it’s mountaineering, backpacking, trekking, skiing or mountain walking that floats your outdoor boat. Whatever the activity, you need to feel comfortable and protected from the elements. A high performance jacket is a must.

At BCH Camping we chat with many customers for whom the more challenging outdoor activities are their go-to. The right clothing can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful day.

BCH Camping’s Paramo store offers a wide selection of performance outdoor clothing. One jacket that stands out because of its advanced technology and intuitive design is the Paramo Women’s Velez Evolution Hybrid Smock. It is the perfect all-rounder, offering exceptional protection at higher altitudes and in both mild and extreme environments.

The Paramo Women’s Velez Evolution Hybrid Smock

The Paramo Velez Evolution is labelled a ‘hybrid’ smock because it is a multi-season solution offering full winter weather protection and the exceptional ventilation needed for comfort during vigorous activities in milder months.

When it comes to design, in the Velez Evolution jacket Paramo has everything covered.

There is a helmet compatible halo hood, allowing you to complete your activities without having to worry about removing the hood or having enough room to move your head easily.

The back has internal reinforcement for carrying a large rucksack, and the articulated fit allows for much needed freedom of movement with minimal hem lift when you need to reach away from the body. The Paramo Velez Evolution is also harness friendly.

Ventilation and optimum temperature control are provided by full length two-way twin front zips, forward facing arm vents and wider cuffs.

The technical detail behind the Women’s Velez Evolution Hybrid Smock jacket

  • Nikwax Analogy waterproof fabric

Guarantees weatherproofing while allowing perspiration to escape. A build up of too much water in clothing will lead to your body becoming cold when you stop to rest. The Nikwax Analogy system pumps 80% of liquid water away leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.

  • Halo-adjust helmet compatible hood

The hood offers exceptional field of vision while providing protection against the elements.

  • Stretch articulation panels

For the much needed freedom of movement when undertaking challenging activities, the jacket has fully articulated shoulders and elbows with stretch articulation panels.

  • Hem to chin zips

The hem to chin twin torso zips offer exceptional temperature control. You can opt for total weather shut-out with face protection, or partial venting from the top and from the bottom so that ventilation is still possible with a pack strap.

  • Reflective flashes

A top safety feature, the jacket has 11 reflective flashes that provide an outline when illuminated.

  • Hand warmers

Secure handwarmers are located above harness level.

  • Top zip pocket

There is a generous tip zip pocket for storing and gaining access to essentials such as maps.

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