Synthetic Insulation

      It’s vital to keep your core temperature high enough, when out and about in the great outdoors. Technology has developed immensely in recent years; innovative, military standard synthetic insulation clothing is now available to the public, and at great prices.
      Buy mens and womens synthetic insulation online from BCH Camping UK. We stock a range of mens and womens synthetic insulation from suppliers such as Buffalo, Paramo and Berghaus. Buffalo supply some of our biggest selling items of warm clothing. 
      We sell the signature Buffalo Mountain shirt, Special 6, and the Belay jacket. The Mountain shirt is a very popular, very warm, over the head jacket. The special 6 is slightly longer than the mountain shirt and with an even thicker pile making it even warmer. The belay jacket is a full zipped jacket offering a good degree of warmth. The real joy of buffalo clothing is that retains its warmth even when soaking wet.
      A staple of the British Military, it's no wonder that buffalo is perfect for all aspects of the great outdoors.  
      If you’d like more information on synthetic insulation products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, call 01225 764977 or why not call into one of our great stores in Trowbridge and Bath. 
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