Washing and Proofing Products

      Look after your kit, and your kit will look after you. We have a range of washing and waterproofing products and sprays to keep your favourite outdoor gear in great condition, no matter how many washes or wears.
      BCH Camping stock a range of washing and proofing products online. Buy a range of waterproofing and washing products from brands such as Nikwax, Storm, grangers and more.
      Normal household detergents attack the waterproof membrane and will strip the garment of their waterproof qualities. If you do nothing else, do not wash your waterproofs in detergents, you will ruin them! For washing waterproof jackets and waterproof overtrousers we have Nikwax Tech Wash and Storm Proof. Both of these are wash in cleaning products that you can either hand wash, or use in a washing machine. Both are non detergent soaps which will clean your waterproofs, but will not damage them in anyway, or reduce their waterproof qualities.
      For best results, after you wash your waterproofs, you should waterproof them again afterwards using a waterproofing spray or or in-wash proofer, for no other reason then to keep the proofing topped up. You can do this with Nikwax TX Direct or Storm wash-in proofer.
      You can use these the same way as the wash ie in the washing machine or hand wash, one to two cap fulls per garment and max of two items at any time. A top tip for washing and reproofing your waterproofs is to clean and empty the detergent tray before hand.
      All instructions for out waterproofing sprays and washing products are printed on the bottles, but should you need any more information regarding washing or reproofing then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, call 01225 764977 or why not call into one of our great storesm located in Trowbridge and Bath.