The Coleman Weathermaster tent for the perfect British holiday

One of the things 2020 will be remembered for, and let’s face it there is quite a list, is being the year of the Great British Staycation. Camping has never been more popular. Travel restrictions aside, this could be because of financial considerations, hotel and B&B availability or perhaps simply the thirst for spontaneity.

Cue the eyeroll from BCH Camping customers who are probably thinking, “Finally the penny has dropped. Welcome to the party!”.

Whatever the inspiration, camping represents the quintessential British holiday. Whether you’re a family, couple, group of friends or single party, camping offers the opportunity to pitch a temporary home at any place where it’s safe and legal to do so, and go out and explore! For families looking for a cost-effective summer holiday, camping ticks all the boxes.
If you’re new to camping or returning to it after years of overpriced intercontinental holidays (yes, we’re biased), you will need to find a tent that best suits your individual needs.
At BCH Camping we sell an extensive selection of tents, both inflatable and poled. One of our most popular sellers is the Coleman Weathermaster range of inflatable tents.

The Coleman Weathermaster Air Tent 2020 Range

There are many reasons why this range is such a popular choice with families. Available in three sizes, 4 person, 6 person and 8 person, these tents are perfect for a range of requirements, from short weekends away to touring holidays.
The Coleman Weathermaster range has many features and benefits to keep campers happy.

Tent sizes

The Weathermaster 4XL sleeps 4 and offers a total of 20m2 living space (sleeping 6m2, Living 8.4m2, Porch 4.6m2). Standing room for all sizes is 200cm high, which is around 6’7”. The pack size is 78 x 58 x 48cm, weighing in at 30.4kg.
The Weathermaster 6XL sleeps 6 and offers a total of 28m2 living space (sleeping 9m2, Living 12.1m2, Porch 7m2). The pack size is 78 x 58 x 53cm, weighing in at 38.4kg.
Coleman-Weathermaster-8XL-Air-Tent-Floor-Plan.jpgThe Weathermaster 8XL sleeps 8 and offers a total of 32m2 living space (sleeping 12m2, Living 13m2, Porch 7m2). The pack size is 78 x 58 x 63cm, weighing in at 44.4kg.


The Coleman Weathermaster is a classic family tunnel tent. The bedrooms are positioned across the rear, and there are two living areas to the front with a fully sewn in ground sheet. The Barrier Free Access feature eliminates trip hazards inside. 
The bedrooms are designed to be more spacious than the average tent bedroom, thereby able to accommodate larger double air beds.


Using the FastPitch™ system, the tents are easily inflated using the pump provided, offering 100% waterproof accommodation within minutes. The high pressure valve and the strong and durable inflatable poles mean they can be easily pitched by one person.
Dismantling is equally as quick due to the innovative Coleman technology.

BlackOut Bedroom®

One of the “joys” of camping is the early mornings when daylight penetrates the tent, making everyone wake earlier than they would like. This seems to make young children particularly bouncy which is the last thing parents need when there is a day of activities ahead of them!
The revolutionary sleep system from Coleman blocks up to 99% of daylight from the sleeping areas. This innovative technology won the Best Camping Innovation award in the 2016 Camping Magazine Editor’s Choice Awards.

coleman-Climate_Control.jpgTent material and temperature

Groundsheet: PE, welded, fully integrated, with rain squirts
Outer fabric: Polyester PU coated/fire retardant
Inner fabric: Breathable polyester, polyester PU coated, No-see-um mesh
The fire-retardant nature of the material ensures that the fabric will not catch fire and become out of control. It will self-extinguish, giving time for the occupants to escape in the event of an emergency.
The BlackOut Bedroom technology manages the temperature in the bedroom by storing energy from the sun in the surface of the fabric. This keeps the bedroom up to 5°C cooler during the day, and up to 1°C warmer during the night.

Coleman Weathermaster Footprint

At BCH Camping we also stock the made to measure footprint for all Weathermaster sizes; 4XL, 6XL and 8XL. The footprint protects the underside of the tent from sharp stones, rough ground and general wear and tear. It doesn’t, however, stop you from being able to easily fold up your tent. A win-win!

Camping & Caravanning Club Membership included

When you buy a Coleman Weathermaster tent, you receive the added benefit of a free membership for the Camping & Caravanning Club, which usually costs £46. There are many benefits to being a member, such as shop offers, manoeuvring training, licence category B+E courses, a car and caravan matching service, SatNav Point of Interest files and club publications. That’s certainly a lot to get you motoring!

Get in touch

A Coleman Weathermaster tent can be viewed at our Trowbridge store or we can provide you with any further information on email or by ‘phone. Get in touch at, or call 01225 764977. We’d be delighted to help with any enquiry.
Remember, the adventure starts at BCH Camping!